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Can a Corn Snake Kill You?

Can a Corn Snake Kill You?

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Corn snakes are commonly seen being kept as pets these days. They’ve become recommended pets for those who want to get into caring for snakes.

They’re constrictors that subdue their prey by squeezing them. Once they’ve put the squeeze on something, they’ll eventually swallow it whole when the opportunity presents itself.

Many people think that it’s fun to watch corn snakes feed. It’s normal to feed them live mice and see them do their thing.

Some people are rather afraid of snakes, though. Of course, these people are less likely to buy snakes as pets.

You might be thinking of getting a pet snake, but you only want to get the safest snake possible. Can a corn snake kill you if things go awry, or is that an unreasonable fear?

Continue reading to learn about corn snakes and whether they’re deadly. You’ll also learn whether corn snakes are good pets for people to own.

Corn Snakes Cannot Kill You

It’s impossible for a corn snake to kill a human being. They simply aren’t big enough or strong enough to do it.

You see, these snakes are constrictors. They squeeze their prey and then swallow it whole.

This is not something that a corn snake could do to a human. It simply isn’t strong enough to constrict a human.

If a corn snake tried to constrict a human, it wouldn’t be able to prevent normal movement. It couldn’t even constrict an arm.

Also, corn snakes know better than to try to do anything toward a human. Snakes only go after prey that they know they can subdue.

A corn snake is more likely to slither away out of fear than to attack. You don’t have anything to be afraid of when it comes to corn snakes.

These snakes don’t have functional venom and cannot hurt you. If you want a harmless snake to keep as a pet, a corn snake will fit the bill nicely.

Corn Snakes Are Good Beginner Pets

Overall, corn snakes are considered to be good beginner pets. They’re easy to take care of and they can’t harm humans.

The harmless nature of these snakes makes it easier to recommend them to beginners. Even if you have no experience caring for snakes, it’s not going to be hard to get good results.

You need to feed corn snakes and provide them with a proper environment where they can thrive. Other than that, you won’t have too many responsibilities.

Feeding these snakes can actually be quite fun. They’re known to eat rodents in the wild, and that’s what you’ll be feeding them in captivity, too.

Corn snakes like to eat feeder mice that you purchase from the store. It’s fine to feed them dead mice, but they also love eating live mice.

Live mice can be purchased from various pet stores as feeder animals. Some say that corn snakes prefer to subdue their own prey.

So it’s up to you whether you want to feed the snake dead mice or live mice. It might be interesting to see the snake subdue a rodent by constricting it, but it’s up to you to decide what to do.

Corn Snakes Are Docile

One of the best reasons why corn snakes are so good for beginners is that they’re docile. Some types of snakes can be a bit tough to handle.

Aggressive snakes or temperamental snakes can be too much for beginners to deal with. Corn snakes are always going to be even-keeled.

Many people even describe these snakes as being friendly. They can get along with humans quite nicely once you get used to caring for them.

It won’t take you a long time to feel like you’re doing a good job caring for a corn snake. This is a pet snake that can help you to get ready to handle more complicated snakes.

Don’t Fear Wild Corn Snakes

Wild corn snakes are quite common. You might see corn snakes outside every so often depending on where you live.

People who are afraid of snakes often overreact to seeing corn snakes. This is partially because corn snakes have an appearance that resembles copperhead snakes.

Copperhead snakes are venomous and can harm humans. Corn snakes are completely harmless, but it can be hard to tell the two apart at a distance.

They’re different enough that you can tell them apart up close, but it’s best to stay away from wild snakes. If you see a wild snake outside your home, it’s best to simply keep your distance.

Sadly, many people choose to kill wild snakes out of fear. Try not to do this because they’re important parts of the local environment.

Corn Snakes Are Beneficial

Having wild corn snakes on your property will be beneficial for many reasons. One of the most important reasons to keep corn snakes alive is that they keep local rodent populations in check.

Wild rodents are known to damage crops and get inside houses. You might have to deal with such pests in your house, barn, garage, or another structure on your property.

When corn snakes are present, they will keep the wild rodent numbers low. This lessens the chance that you’ll have to put up with rodent infestations.

So if you see a corn snake in your garden area, it’s best to just leave it alone. The corn snake will continue to do what it normally does, and that will benefit you.

Corn snakes hunt down rodents and keep their numbers manageable. Without corn snakes, the wild rodent population would get out of control in some areas.

Final Thoughts

Don’t worry about corn snakes because they can’t kill you. These snakes are constrictors that aren’t strong enough or large enough to kill humans.

They are dangerous to rodents, but they’re harmless to you. If you want to keep corn snakes as pets, it’ll be easy to do so.

Many say that corn snakes are the best possible pet snakes for beginners. If you’re interested in keeping snakes as pets, you should look into buying corn snakes.

If you ever see corn snakes in the wild, just leave them alone. They’re harmless and they keep the rodent population under control.

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