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Can Female Budgies Talk?

Can Female Budgies Talk?

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Budgies or parakeets chatter and sing a lot, but while they’re singing, you might start to hear some words.

They’re intelligent birds that make excellent pets, and one of their most impressive traits is that they can talk. But can female budgies talk?

In this article, we’ll talk about how budgies can become skilled talkers and whether the female ones are that talented. Keep on reading to learn more about them.

Can Female Budgies Talk?

Budgies love to chirp, sing, and even whistle. It’s also common for budgies to talk like humans.

With proper training, budgies can even use a wide range of vocabulary, and listening to them can be quite entertaining.

Although male and female budgies have the ability to talk, females are less likely to do so. Females are better at whistling, while male birds are more likely to talk.

Nevertheless, you can still teach a female budgie to talk with proper training. This can be easier when the budgie is still young.

Both male and female budgies have the same vocal organs that allow them to mimic human words, and both genders can pick up some of the language after interacting with their human owners.

They also mimic the melodies and pitches they hear in the wild or in their owners’ houses. With some training, they can mimic whistles and songs.

However, teaching your budgie to whistle at a younger age can usually affect its ability to talk because whistling is easier and more fun.

Why Do Male Budgies Talk More?

Male budgies are more vocal because, in the wild, they use their songs in courting rituals to attract females. Female budgies chirp and whistle because they want to test the males’ ability to copy them.

A male bird will also be more vocal to mark its territory. It uses its loud songs and whistles to keep intruders away.

This is why if you want a talkative budgie, you have a better chance if you buy a male budgie. A female budgie can be trained to talk, but it will do that only when it’s necessary and after a lot of training.

Do Budgies Talk a Lot?

Yes, budgies are generally talkative birds and can sometimes be noisy. However, this depends on their age, personality, gender, and environment.


Some budgies are shy by nature and will avoid talking, regardless of their gender. At the same time, you might have a talkative and noisy female bird that likes to talk a lot, even though females don’t generally talk or sing that much.

A calm budgie won’t learn to talk easily and might refuse to talk even if it knows how to.


Younger budgies might learn to talk on their own by simply listening to and observing humans. However, as the budgies grow older, they lose the ability to learn new information quickly, and as a result, they’re less likely to learn new words and phrases.

The best time to start teaching your budgie to talk is when it’s 3 or 4 months old. With regular training, your budgie will learn to talk fast.


Male budgies are more vocal and better at talking than female budgies. Although both genders can talk, females might be resistant to talking.


The environment has a great impact on your budgie’s ability to talk. If the bird is kept in an extremely noisy room, it might not be able to pick up any words or phrases.

At the same time, if no one ever talks to the budgie, it won’t be able to learn any new words.

This is why you should train your budgie patiently and start with a few words at a time. Using precise and simple words works best.

How Do Budgies Talk?

The anatomy of the vocal organs of budgies affects their ability to talk.

They don’t sound the way humans do when they talk, but they can mimic their words and phrases.

Budgies don’t have vocal cords and can’t produce words from the larynx. Instead, they produce sounds from their beaks and airways.

Do Budgies Understand Words?

No, they don’t. Although budgies can mimic words, they’re only able to produce the sounds.

However, budgies can associate some words or phrases with objects and actions, but they can’t understand their meaning.

With some proper training, you can train your budgie to produce some words or phrases in response to actions. For example, it might say “Thank you” if you extend your hand or look at a specific person if you call his or her name.

Which Common Sounds Do Budgies Produce?

Budgies produce several types of sounds, depending on the occasion. Each sound, whistle, or song has a different meaning.

  • Chattering is the most common type of singing that you’ll hear if you have budgies. It’s common, especially if you have more than one budgie in the cage.

This is the budgies’ primary method of communication and is usually monotonous. However, it shows that the budgies are content in their cage.

  • Singing in melodic low and high pitches is common when the budgie is happy. Both male and female budgies will produce these sounds when they’re feeling safe.
  • Angry calls might be heard if something is bothering your budgie. This can happen when the budgie is marking its territory or even if it’s recalling an angry encounter that happened earlier.

In the cage, you might hear these angry calls if you have more than one male budgie in the cage or you’re watching them in the wild. In this case, one of the budgies will attack the feet of the other bird while raising its wings.

These angry moments are usually short-lived, as one of the budgies will back off.

  • Beak grinding might sound annoying to humans, but it’s actually the budgie’s way to express that it’s safe and content. If you notice that your budgie is making this sound often, it’s probably trying to tell you that it’s happy where it is.
  • Chirping happens when more than one budgie tries to synchronize their short notes together. These happy sounds are entertaining to listen to.
  • Clicking is another happy sound that happens while the budgies are singing or chirping.
  • Contact calls are common if your budgie misses you. A contact call is usually a single long one, and you should respond to reassure your bird.

What Are the Best Tips to Teach Your Budgie to Talk?

If you’re planning to teach your budgie to talk, there are a few tips that can make your job easier.

  • Pick the right location for your budgie’s cage. A living or family room is the perfect spot because the budgie will be exposed to a lot of human interaction, so it can pick up the words.
  • Always greet your budgie when you walk into the room and say goodbye when you’re leaving.
  • Show your enthusiasm to encourage your budgie to talk.
  • Spend time to bond with your budgie, even when you’re not teaching it to talk. Spending time reading or working in the same room will help your budgie feel more comfortable around you.
  • Train your budgie to stand on your hand. This will improve your bond and will help it learn better from you.
  • If you have multiple budgies, separate them if you want them to learn to talk. Budgies will prefer to interact with each other by whistling and singing if you keep them together in the same cage.
  • Always stand while facing your budgie when you’re teaching it to talk.
  • Keep an eye on your budgie’s reactions. Its eye pupils will dilate when it’s focused while it’s learning from you.
  • Start with simple individual words to teach your budgie.
  • Use words of items that surround the budgie’s cage. You can also call out other pets and people in the house.
  • Always repeat the words several times to help the budgie learn to talk.
  • After teaching your bird a few words, repeat some short phrases and sentences. You can talk to your budgie while you’re feeding it, as it’ll be easier to associate the words and phrases with actions.
  • Respond to your budgie when it tries to talk back to you.
  • Use rewards and treats to encourage your budgie to talk.

How Long Does It Take to Teach A Budgie to Talk?

With intense daily training, it might take you about two months to teach your budgie to talk.

However, this duration depends on the budgie’s personality, gender, and age.

The more you repeat the same words and phrases, the easier it will be to teach your budgie to talk. A younger budgie will be more responsive and easier to teach.

Final Thoughts

Yes, a female budgie can talk, but it’s less likely to talk than a male bird. Although both genders have the same vocal organs, males can learn to talk better and faster.

There are other factors that affect the budgie’s ability to talk, including age, personality, and environment. You can teach your budgie a few words and phrases with proper training.

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