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Can a Sugar Glider Live Alone?

Can a Sugar Glider Live Alone?

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Quite a few people have really fallen in love with sugar gliders as of late. These cute little marsupials originally come from the rainforests of Indonesia and Australia, but they’re now being used as domestic pets in many countries.

In the past decade, the popularity of sugar gliders started to grow quite a bit and many people are wondering more about them.

If you’re thinking about getting a sugar glider sometime soon, then you might be concerned about whether it’ll be okay to keep just one. There is some information circulating out there that causes people to believe that a sugar glider will get very lonely if it doesn’t have another sugar glider around as a friend.

This is actually not the case, but it’s possible that your sugar glider would be happy to have a friend around the house.

Sugar Gliders and Living Alone

Sugar gliders are perfectly capable of living alone and you don’t have to worry about your sugar glider “dying of loneliness” or anything close to that. Some people have started to say things such as this online but it’s simply not the case.

A sugar glider will enjoy having one or more other sugar gliders around but they can be perfectly content being the only pet in the house as well.

When you have a pet, it’s easy to see that it will enjoy having more animals around. Think about dogs that you might have or might have had in the past. Generally, dogs are going to be very happy to have other dogs around and the same thing can be said of sugar gliders.

If you decide to get two or more sugar gliders, then they will likely have a lot of fun and play together. This can be a good idea if you’re a bit concerned about your sugar glider getting lonely. However, it’s not accurate to say that sugar gliders can’t live alone because they can.

Your sugar glider can thrive at your house whether they’re alone or if they’re with other sugar gliders. It all just depends on how well you care for it and whether you’re doing your best to take care of its needs. So long as you do your best to take care of your sugar glider, you’re going to have a good experience.

Why Having Two Sugar Gliders Might Be Ideal

Having two sugar gliders in your house might be ideal if you aren’t going to have a lot of time to play with your pets yourself. It’s possible that your sugar glider could get a bit lonely and depressed if you don’t spend much time around it. Sometimes people are very busy and this will have an impact on how much time they’re able to spend with their pets.

If you only have so much time to spend at home, then your sugar glider might not be getting the attention that it needs. When you don’t have one or two hours each day that you can use to play with your sugar glider, then it’s going to be hard to keep it happy. In this situation, it really would be better to have another sugar glider in the house.

When you have two sugar gliders living together, they are going to be able to play with each other when you aren’t around. It won’t matter quite so much that you don’t have an abundance of time to spend with your sugar gliders but this doesn’t mean that they won’t want your attention.

They’ll just have an easier time remaining happy because they’re together even when you’re busy doing your work or handling whatever other types of responsibilities you have.

It can be very beneficial to own two sugar gliders and it’ll be fun to have more in the house. If you’re thinking about whether or not it will be good for your sugar glider to have a friend in the house, then you might want to just go for it.

This really is something that will only benefit your sugar glider and it makes sense to want your pet to be as happy as possible.

When Having Two Sugar Gliders Is a Bad Idea

The only situation where having two sugar gliders is a bad idea is when you simply don’t have a lot of money to go around. There are those who are interested in owning sugar gliders who don’t have much money at their disposal.

You might only be able to afford to take care of one sugar glider without putting yourself in a bind and this means that getting two would be irresponsible.

You should probably make sure that you can truly afford to take care of one sugar glider before deciding to get one, of course. If you’re able to do this but taking on a second is a bit too much of a financial burden, then you should avoid getting a second one.

It won’t do the sugar gliders any good if you aren’t able to properly feed them and take care of any other needs that they might have.

It is also possible that you might be worried about space if you live in a cramped environment. Sugar gliders are quite small but you will take up slightly more space taking care of two of them than you would taking care of one.

This will be a moot point for the vast majority of people out there, but it’s another thing to think about when you’re deciding which course of action to take.

Otherwise, it’s really going to be great to have a second sugar glider around so that the two animals can play. You’ll likely get even more joy out of owning two sugar gliders and it’s highly recommended.

Just know that it isn’t a necessity and that your sugar glider can still live a happy, fulfilling life with you if it is alone.

Why Do People Think That Sugar Gliders Can’t Be Alone?

The reason why some people think that sugar gliders can’t be alone is that sugar gliders live in colonies out in the wild. They’re generally animals that group together and this caused many to assume that having sugar gliders in isolation would be a bad thing. This isn’t the case, but you can see why some people would make that mistake.

By observing domesticated sugar gliders, it has become apparent that so many sugar gliders that are living alone are very happy with their owners. It’s just mostly going to be important for the owners to play with the sugar glider enough to keep it happy.

So long as this is happening, the sugar glider should be very content.

Have Fun with Your Sugar Glider

Whether you decide to keep one or two sugar gliders as pets, it’s going to be good to just have fun with them. These little marsupials are so much fun to have in your home and it’s very likely that your family will fall in love with them.

Be mindful of the care needs of sugar gliders so that you can give them everything that they need to be happy.

You know that sugar gliders can thrive alone but you also know that keeping two or more could be a lot of fun as well. Just make the best decision for your household based on your financial situation and other factors.

Whatever you decide, you’re going to enjoy your interactions with your new sugar glider friend.

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