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3 Reasons for a Cat Kneading with Their Back Legs Shaking

3 Reasons for a Cat Kneading with Their Back Legs Shaking

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Cats are some of the most beloved pets around the world. People enjoy caring for cats and some wouldn’t want to be without a feline companion.

You want to do your best to take care of your pet cat. That’s why you take note when you see your cat doing something unusual.

Have you noticed that your cat has been kneading a lot lately? Kneading can be a fairly normal thing for cats, but what if this is accompanied by the back legs of the cat shaking?

What does it mean when this occurs? Is this an indication that something is wrong with the cat? Read on to learn more about this topic so you can be sure of what’s happening.

1 – The Cat Could Be Playing

Playful Maine Coon Kitten

It could be something as simple as the cat playing. Sometimes you might notice your cat moving back and forth between its paws as if it’s kneading with its back legs.

While it does this, it might also shake a bit. It’s common for cats to shake their rear ends when doing this action.

This happens when cats are playing sometimes when they’ve been domesticated. In the wild, it’d be a more common sight when a cat is hunting.

Of course, cats hunt when they’re domesticated as well. Many house cats will hunt rodents that get into the house, such as common mice.

You could be seeing your cat playing or it might be hunting a mouse. This is an action that you’ll see cats doing before they spring into action.

2 – Spraying

Another possibility involves the cat spraying something to mark its territory. You don’t want your cat to do this, but it can happen from time to time.

A cat will spray when it wants to claim territory. It wants other cats or animals to know that it has claimed the area.

Sometimes after spraying, cats will knead the area. This is because the paws leave behind scent marks that can further mark the territory.

It’s also speculated that leaving claw marks on the ground or area will give a visual sign that the cat has been there. So this behavior would all be related to territorial instincts.

If your cat has been spayed or neutered, it should be less likely to do things such as this. It’s a good idea to have your cats spayed or neutered unless you want to breed cats.

3 – Is the Cat Injured?

A Cat with an Injured Back Leg

You always want to err on the side of caution. If the cat’s back legs are shaking regularly, it could be that it has been injured in some way.

When the cat walks, does it limp or appear to be uncomfortable? Has the cat taken a fall or been in a fight with another animal recently?

It might be beneficial to check the cat to see if it’s okay. Visually examine the cat’s legs and see if there are signs that something is wrong.

Note any other strange behavior so you can see if something is amiss. Take this information to a local veterinarian so you can get to the bottom of the situation.

If the cat appears to be okay, you won’t need to go see the vet. When something is wrong, it’s best to see the vet as soon as you possibly can.

Veterinarians will always be able to assist you with the best treatment options. Should your cat have an injured leg, it’ll be able to get better with the help of a good treatment plan.

Final Thoughts

So long as you keep an eye on your cat, everything is likely going to be just fine. Typically, seeing your cat shake and knead its paws isn’t that strange.

Even if its back legs are shaking, it’s usually just a sign that it’s playing.

Sometimes cats will shake their rear ends and knead their back paws a bit when they’re in a hunting stance, too. They do this when playing as well, but you should consider whether your cat is hunting a mouse.

When a mouse gets into your home, your cat is going to respond. Many cats have strong hunting instincts and it can indeed be a good way to get rid of mice.

If you’re worried that something is wrong with your cat, you should look for signs of injury. Perhaps the cat has hurt its back legs somehow.

Examine the cat and try to determine what’s going on. If the cat is hurt, you’re going to want to speak to a veterinarian about it right away.

Cats can get injured in various ways. Sometimes cats might get hurt trying to jump onto objects in your home.

They can also get hurt by fighting with other cats. Simply make sure that your cat isn’t hurt and get the cat veterinary help if necessary.

You should feel much more confident now that you know why this occurs. There are several possibilities to consider, but it should set your mind at ease knowing that nothing is likely seriously wrong with your cat.

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