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Do Corn Snakes Lay Eggs? (When, How Many, & How Long)

Do Corn Snakes Lay Eggs? (When, How Many, & How Long)

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Buying corn snakes as pets is something that is quite popular. These are common and well-loved pet snakes for a reason.

They’re excellent snakes for beginners who aren’t used to caring for snakes. Corn snakes are among the easiest pet snakes to handle, and you can find them being sold at many pet stores.

You might be trying to learn as much as you can about these snakes before buying one. Do corn snakes lay eggs?

Continue reading to learn about corn snakes and whether they lay eggs. You’ll get the answers to many related questions so that you can feel like you truly understand everything about corn snake eggs.

Corn Snakes Do Lay Eggs

Yes, corn snakes do indeed lay eggs. Corn snakes are considered to be oviparous snakes.

This means that they lay eggs that will hatch later on. The eggs simply need enough heat and humidity to be able to hatch after the right amount of time has passed.

When Do Corn Snakes Lay Eggs?

Typically, female corn snakes will lay eggs between late May and sometime in July. During this time, the female will look for good spots to lay its eggs.

It’s common for corn snakes to lay eggs in old tree stumps. Sometimes you’ll see them laying eggs in rotting vegetation as well.

The eggs need to be laid somewhere that will keep them warm. So female corn snakes look for spots that will provide the eggs with enough heat and humidity.

How Long Does It Take a Corn Snake to Lay Its Eggs?

The process can take a bit of time. Corn snakes mate before they lay the eggs.

So a male corn snake will mate with a female corn snake. Then the female corn snake will lay its eggs sometime after this has happened.

It usually occurs between thirty and forty-five days after mating. It’s also common for the female corn snake to lay its eggs two weeks after its prenatal shedding process.

They can lay eggs during any time of the day. So it doesn’t matter whether it’s night or day.

The actual process of laying the eggs can take hours, too. There might be unusual situations where it’ll take the snake more than a day to lay its eggs, but this isn’t common.

How Many Eggs Do Corn Snakes Lay?

Female corn snakes lay clutches of eggs. A clutch of eggs should contain between ten and thirty eggs.

The exact number of eggs will likely be somewhere in that range. When the female snake is ready, it’ll look for a good spot to lay its eggs.

How Long Do Corn Snake Eggs Take to Hatch?

Corn snake eggs are going to take a bit of time to hatch. Assuming that the eggs have been kept in the proper conditions, they should hatch within fifty to sixty-five days.

You’re supposed to keep the temperature between 78 degrees Fahrenheit and 84 degrees Fahrenheit. You can set up an incubation container for the eggs.

This is how people care for corn snake eggs in captivity. Wild corn snakes will simply lay their eggs in rotting vegetation, logs, and other such areas.

Can Corn Snakes Lay Eggs Without Mating?

It is possible for a female corn snake to lay eggs without mating. However, such a situation is rare.

When this occurs, the eggs won’t be viable. The female corn snake isn’t able to fertilize the eggs, and this means that they will not hatch.

Eggs that have been laid by female corn snakes that haven’t mated are referred to as “slugs.” It’s a simple term that refers to eggs that aren’t capable of hatching.

Even when female snakes lay eggs after mating with male snakes, it’s sometimes possible for a few slugs to be present in a clutch of eggs. Keep this in mind if you ever choose to breed corn snakes.

Are Corn Snakes Easy to Breed?

What if you want to breed corn snakes in captivity? Are they easy to breed overall?

Experts agree that corn snakes are decidedly easy to breed in captivity. You simply need to set the temperature in a specific range and simulate the seasons properly.

This is something that you can learn to do without it being too difficult. Of course, you also need to buy a male and a female snake.

Learn to identify the sex of corn snakes so that you can purchase a breeding pair. This will allow you to breed corn snakes without it being a huge deal.

Corn Snakes Are Good Pets

Whether you want to breed corn snakes or not, these snakes are great pets. It’s nice to be able to get used to caring for snakes.

Many people buy corn snakes as their first pet snakes. They’re excellent choices because they’re easy to handle and not as moody as many other snake types.

You can find corn snakes being sold at most popular pet stores that sell reptiles, too. So it isn’t hard to find corn snakes.

These snakes are not overly expensive either. So you can get a few of them without breaking the bank.

It’s a good pet snake to consider for almost anyone who has an interest in snakes. They’re practical pets that you’ll truly enjoy.

Final Thoughts

Corn snakes do indeed lay eggs. Female snakes lay eggs between May and July.

It’s possible for female snakes to lay eggs without mating, but only in rare cases. When this occurs, the eggs aren’t viable and they won’t hatch.

Male and female snakes mate and then the female lays the eggs sometime later. Generally, the female lays the eggs thirty to forty-five days after mating.

The eggs will take up to sixty-five days to hatch. This can be done in captivity by putting the eggs in an incubation box.

Many people choose to breed corn snakes in captivity. You can do this if you want to, but you won’t have to worry about it if you’re just keeping one of these snakes as a pet.

Now that you know more about the process, it’ll be easier to decide what you want to do. It’s good to know that it isn’t hard to breed corn snakes if you ever do decide to try it.

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