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Do Corn Snakes Like to Climb? (And Why Do They Climb the Glass?)

Do Corn Snakes Like to Climb? (And Why Do They Climb the Glass?)

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Corn snakes are among the most popular types of snakes that you’ll find. They’re popular because they’re excellent for beginners.

Many people wind up buying corn snakes first because they’re easy to care for. They’re excellent pet snakes that are easy for newcomers to handle.

It’s good to know everything that you can about caring for these snakes before getting started. If you plan on buying a pet corn snake soon, you might be wondering if these snakes like to climb.

Do corn snakes climb a lot? Keep reading to learn about their behavior and what you should expect once you get your corn snake home.

Why is My Corn Snake Climbing the Glass?

There are many potential reasons why corn snakes will climb the glass of the tank. Sometimes they do this because they want to escape.

Understand that it’s normal for snakes to want to escape. This is especially true when a snake is new to the environment.

When a corn snake is first purchased and brought into your home, it might climb the glass to try to get free. It’s in an unknown environment and isn’t sure what to expect at first.

As the snake gets used to things, it should settle down. This is especially true once the corn snake gets used to being fed and cared for.

Now, it’s important to know that escaping isn’t the only reason corn snakes will climb the glass. Sometimes they do this just because they like to explore.

It’s common for corn snakes to display curiosity. They might try to climb the glass a bit just to explore the environment.

Also, corn snakes sometimes climb the glass because they like getting closer to the heat. Heat rises and it might be warmer near the top of the tank.

Corn Snakes Enjoy Climbing

It’s also true that snakes enjoy climbing. Many types of snakes seem to enjoy climbing because it’s something that they do in the wild.

Corn snakes are a bit different because they don’t typically climb trees in the wild. They usually stay on the ground and seek out prey.

When corn snakes are being kept as pets, they don’t have a lot to do. They can’t explore very much, and they still want to get exercise.

So the corn snake might choose to climb around in the habitat just for fun. Corn snakes do indeed like climbing, and you can see these snakes climbing quite a bit.

Since corn snakes are nocturnal, they’re more likely to climb at night. Generally, corn snakes will stay hidden during the day.

Climbing is Good Exercise for Corn Snakes

Your corn snake is going to use climbing as a way to exercise. It’s something that the corn snake can do to get a bit of a workout.

As mentioned above, there isn’t a lot else for the corn snake to do when it’s being kept as a pet. In the wild, corn snakes will slither around looking for rodents that they can eat.

In a home habitat, corn snakes will simply be left in a small environment. They can explore a bit, but there isn’t a lot else to do but climb.

Climbing is a good exercising tool for these snakes. Being able to climb can help to make these snakes happier with the environment.

There Are Climbing Toys That You Can Buy

There are climbing toys that you can buy for the corn snake’s tank. You’ll find many different options that you can put in the tank.

Usually, these climbing toys will replicate natural things that snakes might like to climb. For example, climbing toys might look like wooden branches.

You can find snake climbing toys at local pet stores that sell snakes. Putting some of these in the tank for your snake will prove to be beneficial.

It gives your corn snakes something to do other than hiding and waiting to be fed. If you want your corn snake to get more exercise, it’s wise to have hiding toy options in the tank.

Simply pick out the climbing toy that you think is most appealing. When going to pet stores that sell snakes, you can always ask for assistance if you need advice on what to pick for your snake.

Do Corn Snakes Like to Hide?

Corn snakes love to hide, and it wouldn’t be wise to keep a pet corn snake without giving it somewhere to hide. Since corn snakes are nocturnal, they’re going to want to hide during the day.

These snakes are much more active during the evening and night. They should stay hidden pretty much all day.

Hiding spots need to conceal the snake and keep light away from them. Having hiding spots is important for snakes because they feel more at ease when they’re hidden.

Without hiding spots in the tank, a corn snake might feel highly stressed. Stress can lead to various issues, and you don’t want that.

So be sure to have some type of cave or some other hiding spot for the corn snake in the tank. It’ll help it to feel much more secure while under your care.

How Long Do Corn Snakes Live?

Generally, corn snakes are supposed to live for six to eight years. However, this is referring to wild corn snakes.

Wild corn snakes usually only live up to eight years. Captive corn snakes have the potential to live for much longer periods of time.

When you care for corn snakes well, they can live for many years. In some cases, corn snakes might live as long as twenty years in captivity.

It all depends on how well you’re caring for the snake. If you’re feeding the snake well and meeting all of its care needs, it’s going to thrive.

So you can expect your pet snake to stay in good health for quite some time. Wild corn snakes have so much more to worry about with other predators and even humans being a big threat.

Are Corn Snakes Venomous?

No, corn snakes are not venomous. In fact, they’re completely harmless and cannot hurt humans.

You don’t need to be afraid of corn snakes in any way. They’re constrictors that kill small rodents by squeezing them and then swallowing them whole.

They’re not big enough or strong enough to harm humans. Since they’re not venomous, they cannot bite and harm humans either.

Overall, corn snakes are considered to be quite docile. They make good pets because they’re easy to handle and care for.

For many, corn snakes will be an ideal pet. You can get used to caring for snakes by buying corn snakes as pets.

Final Thoughts

You’ve learned a lot of interesting information about corn snakes. You know that corn snakes like to climb now.

Sometimes these snakes will climb the walls of the tank to try to escape. However, they might also do this simply because they like exploring.

Corn snakes are known to enjoy climbing for fun. They also like to climb because it gives them a bit of exercise.

You can buy various climbing toys for these snakes. These will help them to enjoy being in the tank that much more.

If you want to care for your snakes to the best of your ability, it’s good to buy some climbing toys. They aren’t expensive and it’s easy to find what you need at pet stores that sell snakes.

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