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How to Aerate a Sea Monkey Tank

How to Aerate a Sea Monkey Tank

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Brine Shrimp are easy to care for

Sea Monkeys, or brine shrimp, are the ultimate easy to care for pet. They are a brilliant first pet for kids because of how low maintenance they are. All you need to do to keep Sea Monkeys alive is keep the water well-aerated and clean. How do you aerate a Sea Monkey Tank?

It is vital to aerate a Sea Monkey tank to pump oxygen into the water for the shrimp to breathe. Aerate the tank twice a day, in the morning and at night. Use a clean turkey baster, plastic straw, syringe, or pipette. Blow bubbles into the Sea Monkey tank for a minute to oxygenate the water.

Maintaining the tank is key to keeping Sea Monkeys alive. If you do not aerate the tank every day, your Sea Monkeys will struggle to breathe and get lethargic and slow.

Here, we explain how to keep your Sea Monkeys healthy, active, and reproducing. They are much more entertaining to observe when they are strong and full of energy.

How Do You Aerate a Sea Monkey Tank Correctly?

You can aerate a Sea Monkey tank with a pump or manually. The easiest way is with a small aquarium air pump, but the simplest and cheapest method is using an aerator tool, like a turkey baster, pipette, or syringe.

Make sure that whatever you use to aerate your Sea Monkey tank is just for that purpose. The tool cannot be exposed to soap residue or food.

Stick the aerating tool into the tank until the tip almost touches the bottom. Pump the tool to blow bubbles into the Sea Monkey tank.

Lift the tool out of the water without letting it suck the water up (keep it pressed down with your fingers). Allow it to refill with air, then stick it back inside the tank and blow bubbles.

Do this 10 to 15 times or for one minute, twice a day, every day.

The Importance of Aerating a Sea Monkey Tank

Sea Monkeys, as you have probably already gathered, are not monkeys but shrimp. These tiny crustaceans have gills which they use to breathe oxygen from the water around them.

The amount of oxygen in the tank water is limited, and the Sea Monkeys use it up during the day. If they breathe all the oxygen in the water, there will be none left, so they will stop reproducing and eventually die.

This is why it is critical to aerate a Sea Monkey tank. You need to pump oxygen back into the water. By blowing bubbles into the water, you are circulating the water in the tank, and the bubbles break the water’s surface tension. This allows more oxygen from the air to enter the water.

How Often Should You Aerate a Sea Monkey Tank?

It is very important to aerate a Sea Monkey tank every day, especially during their first seven days after hatching. The tank needs to be aerated every 12 hours, so twice a day in the morning and in the evening.

Brine shrimp are specifically adapted to survive in low oxygen environments. Sea Monkeys are very hardy animals. They will survive if you forget to aerate their tank, but they will not have enough oxygen to reproduce.

When brine shrimp are low on oxygen, they turn a pink color. They also look sluggish and slow-moving, just sitting at the bottom of the tank. Therefore, when you see your Sea Monkeys changing color, you know it is time to aerate the tank.

If you want your brine shrimp to keep reproducing, it is necessary to aerate the tank every day. Who wouldn’t want generation after generation of Sea Monkeys?

What Can You Use to Aerate a Sea Monkey Tank?

Pippettes are easy to use for aerating a brine shrimpt tank

The Million Bubble Air Pump is marketed as the official aerator for Sea Monkey tanks, but there are many different objects you can use to oxygenate a Sea Monkey tank.

  • An air pump for a small aquarium
  • A clean turkey baster
  • A plastic pipette
  • A syringe
  • A plastic bendy straw

The Million Bubble Air Pump is great for aerating a Sea Monkey tank because it does not allow the little critters to get sucked into the pump. You can use any of the above objects to aerate a Sea Monkey tank, as long as you are careful not to suck the shrimp up.

Some people aerate their Sea Monkey tank water just by pouring it back and forth between the tank and another clean container. The movement of the water and the bubbles that the action of pouring create are enough to allow oxygen to enter the water.

DIY Aerator Tool for a Sea Monkey Tank

If you do not feel like spending money on a special aerating device for your Sea Monkey tank, you can make your own aerator tool from the supplies you have at home!

All you need is a plastic bendy straw, a stapler, and a staple remover.

At the long end of the straw (the end that will be going into the water), staple the straw 3 or 4 times at different angles. Then remove the staples to leave little holes.

That is all you need to do to make your own Sea Monkey tank aerator! Simply place the straw in the water and gently blow through the other end to make bubbles in the water.

Final Thoughts

Sea monkey in its tank

Sea Monkey tanks need to be aerated twice a day for one minute every day. To aerate the tank, you need to use a tool to blow bubbles into the water. This will introduce oxygen into the water for the Sea Monkeys to breathe.

One can use a small air pump for an aquarium, a clean turkey baster, pipette, or a plastic bendy straw with holes poked in the bottom to aerate a Sea Monkey tank. Whatever you use, try not to suck the little shrimp up when you are aerating the tank!

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