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How to Entertain Your Ducks (with Toys and Activities)

How to Entertain Your Ducks (with Toys and Activities)

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Caring for ducks has the potential to be very satisfying. Many people love raising ducklings and then continuing on to raise a flock of ducks.

As with many animals, ducks are very playful and like to have fun with their owners. If you don’t take the time to keep your ducks entertained, then they won’t be as happy as they should be.

If you’re new to caring for ducks, then you might not really be sure how to go about entertaining them. What sort of things do ducks like to do and what do they want to play with?

The information below will show you exactly how to go about entertaining ducks. If you can learn how to entertain ducks well, then you’re going to be able to have a happy flock for a long time to come.

Giving Your Ducks Toys Will Be a Good Idea

When you want to entertain your ducks, it’s going to be a good idea to give them toys that they can play with. Ducks can be very playful birds, and they’ll appreciate having toys around.

There are actually many different types of toys that can help your ducks to stay entertained. Below, you’ll be able to learn a bit about some of the most popular options that people turn to.

Chew Toys Are Good for Ducks

Dog Toys for Ducks to Play With

You might not have considered this, but ducks will actually enjoy having some chew toys to play with. Chew toys are going to appeal to ducks in many ways and they’ll be a big hit if you choose to buy some.

Ducks seem to have urges that make them want to chew on things. You might have noticed your ducks chewing on various things just for fun or for seemingly no reason at all.

This is why it’s good to play into that urge and give your ducks something that they can chew on. You don’t have to buy anything incredibly fancy, but it is going to be a good idea to get some standard chew toys.

Dog chew toys should work just fine for your ducks. There are plenty of different dog chew toys to choose from on the market that will work perfectly.

Some duck owners choose to give their ducks knotted rope chew toys. Rubber bones can actually work out nicely as well if you’d like to get some of those.

The only thing you need to be careful to consider is whether or not the duck will be able to swallow or choke on any of the chew toys. You don’t want to give the duck a chew toy that will break apart or one that will be too small.

So long as you’re approaching this topic with care, it’ll be easy to find an appropriate chew toy for your duck. You shouldn’t have any issues finding chew toys that your ducks will enjoy playing with, and pretty much any chew toy that is safe for a dog will also be safe for a duck.

Standard Bird Toys

Standard bird toys will also be pretty appealing to your ducks. There are lots of bird toys on the market that are made for larger birds.

You just need to avoid buying bird toys that have tiny pieces because you don’t want the ducks to swallow them or choke on them. This is why buying bird toys that are meant for larger birds will typically work out best.

Stringing the bird toys up in the duck’s pen area will be a good idea. This gives the duck something to play with when it’s by itself in the pen.

Of course, many people keep ducks in a flock, and it’s fine to put toys in a duck pen with multiple ducks as well. Bird toys are usually things that ducks will jangle or move around with their bills.

Treat Balls

Another interesting idea is to stuff treats inside of a little ball that your ducks can play with. Essentially, these are balls that have holes in them and you can place treats for your ducks inside.

The ducks will have to work to get the treats out of the ball and it’ll be fun for them. Getting treats into the ball shouldn’t be too hard, but it’s easiest to use something that you can fold up like lettuce.

Some people also choose to place things such as grapes inside of the treat balls. Whatever you choose to go with is fine so long as it’s appropriate to feed to your ducks and fits inside of the treat ball.

It’s good to know that these treat balls don’t cost a lot of money. You can get them without having to break the bank and they’re very common.

Cleaning the treat balls is as simple as can be, too. That means that you don’t need to worry about your duck making a mess since you can simply clean it in a matter of seconds once the duck is done with it.


One sort of unusual toy that you might not have thought of at first could be great for your ducks. Did you know that ducks will like to swing if you buy them a swing?

Some people have given swings to their chickens in the past and it has been a big hit. Many duck owners are noticing that ducks also love swinging to entertain themselves.

Swings are actually very simple to make and this means that you could construct your own if you wish to do so. If you don’t want to build one, then you could probably buy a tiny swing that is meant for pets and it’ll work out fine.

It’s fun to be able to watch your ducks enjoying themselves on their little swings. Ducks will use these swings quite often, and you might even want to put a swing near the next idea that’s going to be discussed.

Give the Ducks a Kiddie Pool

Duck Playing and Swimming View From Under the Water

You probably already know that ducks are well known for their swimming capabilities. Ducks love the water and they’re going to want to play in the water when they get chances to do so.

This is why so many duck owners like to keep kiddie pools for their ducks. It’s an excellent way for ducks to get some exercise and have some fun with each other.

You’ll be able to see your ducks swimming and having a good time often if you get them a kiddie pool. Some people will choose to place toys in the pool as well so that the ducks will have things to push around.

One of the best reasons to buy a kiddie pool has to do with how inexpensive it is to do so. These kiddie pools don’t cost much cash at all, and it’s going to give your ducks many hours of enjoyment.

They’re also quite easy to clean and shouldn’t be hard to maintain. You can easily drain the pool and clean it out to keep things as sanitary as possible in-between play sessions.

Just remember that some people say that you need to be very careful if you’re raising ducklings. You don’t want your ducklings to drown and some people note that ducklings can sink or get too cold since they don’t have the same feathers as adult ducks yet.

Ducks Like Bells

So many ducks love playing with bells. Ducks get really excited and interested by the jingling noises that bells make when they nudge them.

If you choose to give your ducks bells to play with, then you’ll likely see them jostling the bells back and forth with their bills quite often. It’s an amusing toy for a duck to have, and they’re really going to appreciate them.

Some ducks have been known to be so fascinated by bells that they will play with them for hours at a time. If you want a cost-effective toy that will be guaranteed to keep your ducks entertained, then you should consider purchasing bells.

Mirrors Can Also Be Good

Mirrors can actually be great for entertaining ducks as well. Ducks seem to really enjoy gazing into mirrors and marveling at their reflections.

Some duck owners have noted that mirrors are particularly useful for entertaining ducks that are being raised alone. If you have a lone duck that you’re caring for, then a mirror might be a way for your duck to feel as if it isn’t alone.

Having mirrors to entertain your ducks will still be a good idea if you have a flock of ducks. They really do enjoy using the mirrors and it’ll be a good distraction for the ducks that’ll keep them happy.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways that you can go about playing with your ducks and entertaining them. It’s a good idea to get your ducks some toys that they can enjoy so that they will be as happy as can be.

Now you know that there are several types of toys that work perfectly for ducks. You can give your ducks chew toys that are meant for dogs and they’ll really like playing with them.

Ducks love bells because they get so fascinated by the sounds that they make. They also love looking into mirrors and playing in the water.

Choose which duck toys you’d like to purchase and start letting your ducks have fun. You might want to use a combination of many of the toys that are listed above to get the best results.

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