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9 Smart Ways to Keep Your Hamster Cool

9 Smart Ways to Keep Your Hamster Cool

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If you’re one of the many people who love keeping hamsters as pets, then you’re going to want to know how to keep your little friends cool. Hamsters don’t like really hot temperatures and they prefer to keep things between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

When the temperatures get much warmer than that, it’s going to be important to give your hamsters ways to cool down.

Keep reading to get information about how you can keep hamsters cool. This should make it much easier for you to ensure the safety and happiness of your hamsters.

There are several things that you can do to make things better and it’ll be much easier for you to take action when you have the right knowledge.

Signs That Your Hamster Might Be Overheated

Before moving any further, it’s going to be crucial to be able to recognize when your hamster is in danger. Hamsters that are exhibiting certain signs that they are overheated will need to be cooled down right away to avoid further problems. Overheating can lead to serious life-threatening situations such as heatstroke.

If your hamster is panting or slobbering, then that could be a sign that it is overheated. Hamsters that are having a heatstroke or are on the verge of having one will sometimes have a bright red tongue. They also might start convulsing and you need to be ready to get your hamster help in this situation.

Other signs to be aware of include general weakness, signs of depression, and lack of movement. If your hamster isn’t acting the same as it usually does, then it could be due to heat issues. The serious nature of these symptoms should drive home the point that you need to take care of things by keeping your hamster cool.

1 – Consider Moving the Cage to a Different Place

Sometimes the best solution for your hamster overheating issues is to move the cage to a cooler spot. If your cage is in a spot that is just too hot overall, then finding a different position for the cage could work out. You could place the hamster cage somewhere that doesn’t generate so much heat so that your hamster friend can stay safe.

Remember that heat rises and that the hottest spots in your home are going to be on the upper levels. Placing the hamster cage in a lower room might do the trick for you. Some people even keep their hamsters in their basements because these areas are going to be the coolest in the house.

Another idea is to keep your hamster in the bathroom or kitchen of your home. This might not be the most convenient spot, but the tile on your floor and walls will generally be fairly cool. Your hamster might have an easier time in there and it’s something that’s worth considering at least.

2 – Help Your Hamster Avoid Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight can contribute to your problems when you’re trying to keep your hamster cool. You might have thought that placing your hamster near a window would be a good idea. This can actually be negative because the sunlight peeking through the window can make your hamster that much hotter.

Instead, you’re going to want to position your hamster cage away from the window. It’s fine to open the window sometimes for ventilation purposes but you don’t want to have your hamster cage in direct sunlight. If you can move the cage somewhere away from the window, then it’s going to be a better experience for your hamster.

3 – Point a Fan at Your Hamster

Pointing a fan at your hamster will do a good job of helping to keep it cool. Just as when you get too hot, it’s going to provide some relief to have cool air blowing on you. You could get a standard fan and then point it toward the cage so that your hamster can feel better over time.

The only problem with this is that the fan has the potential to make your hamster too cool. This is why you don’t want the fan to be too close to the hamster cage. It’s actually better to have it positioned back quite a ways and just have it circulating cool air toward the hamster cage.

If the room that the hamster is in is ventilated properly, then this is going to work out nicely. Just remember that fans won’t completely solve the problem if the room is just incredibly hot. If all you’re doing is pushing around air that is 85 degrees Fahrenheit, then your hamster is going to need a better option.

4 – Use the Right Type of Hamster Cage

Some hamster owners might encounter issues based on the type of hamster cage that they’re using. If your hamster is being kept in something that resembles an aquarium, then this is less than ideal. It isn’t going to be ventilated very well and it will wind up making your hamster hotter.

Wire cages are going to be a whole lot better for keeping hamsters happy and healthy. The wire cages are better ventilated and they’re generally not going to be expensive either. You should have no problem getting a normal-sized wire cage for your hamster at any pet store.

You can use aquarium-like cages or habitats for hamsters but you have to be certain that your hamster is in a room that is ventilated well. If you aren’t good at taking care of the heat problems in the house, then this will make life more dangerous for your hamster companion.

Be mindful of this and try to use a wire cage if you’re able to do so.

5 – Give Your Hamster Lots of Water

One thing that can make it more likely that your hamster will have a heatstroke is dehydration. You should try to keep your hamster very well hydrated by giving it constant access to cool water. Make sure that you have a setup for water that is very easy for your hamster to use when it gets thirsty.

Many people use the water bottles that can be attached to hamster cages because they’re so convenient. You can fill them with a lot of water so that your hamster won’t run out of cool water very often. It might be beneficial to switch out the water every so often to ensure that the water is nice and cool, though.

6 – Don’t Play with Your Hamster Too Much When It’s Hot

Hamsters love to play and you might want to be able to play with your hamster to have fun. This is good for your hamster under most circumstances but it isn’t a good idea when it is really hot. If you know that your hamster is in danger of getting overheated, then you need to keep playing to a minimum.

You have to remember that hamsters can’t sweat the same way that mammals do and this makes them get overheated much more easily. It could lead to heatstroke if you are not careful and it’s why you need to be vigilant as a pet owner. Be careful about how much your hamster is playing when it’s very hot in the house.

7 – Give Your Hamster Some Frozen Treats

Your hamster might be able to cool down a bit if you decide to give it some frozen treats, too. You can use your freezer to freeze some little hamster treats for your hamster. These treats will be quite cold when you give them to the hamster and should help to give it a bit of relief.

8 – Place a Frozen Water Bottle in the Hamster Cage

Placing a frozen water bottle in the hamster cage is another thing that can help your hamster to cool down. Just freeze a water bottle that is half full with water and then cover it with a towel. Wrap the bottle up well and then place it inside the hamster cage to cool things down a bit.

If your hamster is really hot, then it might even gravitate toward the water bottle so that it can cool down. Either way, it’s going to help to bring the temperature down a bit in the cage. It should help your hamster out a lot when things are really hot.

9 – Use a Frozen Towel

You can put a towel in the freezer to get it really cold and then drape it over the top of the hamster cage. This is a good way to cool the hamster cage faster than it would normally cool down. If you want to bring the temperature of your hamster cage down quickly, then this is one of the best methods to do that.

Just don’t do this method too often or for too long since you won’t want your hamster to get colder than it should be. It’s going to be good for you to pay attention to the temperature of the hamster cage so that it stays in the right range.

As long as you’re paying attention, this should be an easy method to utilize.

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