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How to Keep Sheep Quiet (And 4 Reasons Why They’re Noisy)

How to Keep Sheep Quiet (And 4 Reasons Why They’re Noisy)

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Sheep are common farm animals that many people enjoy caring for. They’re definitely great animals to own for multiple reasons, but this doesn’t mean that everything will be easy.

Sometimes sheep can be a little bit noisier than you want them to be. Sheep aren’t necessarily known for making crazy amounts of noise, but it can still take a bit of getting used to when you’re new to raising them.

If you’re used to having things quiet, then you might find hearing the sheep calling out to be jarring. Is there a good way to keep sheep quiet so that you won’t have to worry about this issue?

Continue reading to learn more about how you can keep sheep quiet. You’ll be able to enjoy a much more peaceful environment once you’ve read all of the information and taken it to heart.

Sheep Shouldn’t Usually Be That Loud

The first thing that you should understand is that sheep aren’t usually that loud. If the sheep are making a lot of noise, then you might want to pay attention.

It could be that the sheep are calling out because they’re trying to let you know something important. For example, sheep will often call out when they’re afraid of something.

If your sheep spotted a predator in the area, then they’re going to be understandably nervous. Sheep will call out to inform the other members of the herd that there is danger present.

You could also take this as a sign that you’re being called for as well. Since you’re the one who is supposed to be caring for this herd of sheep, it’s going to be important to keep them safe.

Ideally, you should have measures in place that will protect the sheep from predators in the area. Many sheep farmers will have fences that keep the sheep in a specific area, but they’ll also have special fences to keep predators out.

You might choose to install electric fencing that will prevent predators from being able to get to the sheep. It’s also sometimes wise to take steps to ensure that the predators cannot dig underneath the fences to get to the sheep.

1 – The Sheep Are Hungry

Another possible reason why the sheep are making noise has to do with them being hungry. Sheep will “baa” to get your attention when they want to be fed.

They get used to the idea that you’re the one who feeds them. If the herd is calling out at an odd hour of the night, then they might just want a snack.

So should you go out there to feed the sheep to shut them up? Well, that wouldn’t necessarily be the best solution.

You can train your sheep to get used to being fed on a schedule. Most sheep farmers aren’t going to feed their sheep whenever they start making noises.

This just wouldn’t be efficient, and it wouldn’t be practical either. Ignore the pleas of the sheep so that they will learn that their cries won’t get them food.

They’ll adjust to the proper schedule and will get used to being fed at specific times of the day. This might solve your noisy sheep issue if this is truly all that is wrong.

Another idea is to try to give your sheep more pasture space. This ensures that they will always have enough food, and they shouldn’t be as noisy moving forward.

2 – The Sheep Are Communicating

If you raise sheep for long enough, then you’ll see that they communicate with each other. The sheep will baa as a way to tell each other things.

They also call out when they’re searching for other sheep. Sheep are genetically wired to stay in groups, and this is why it can be distressing when one of them moves away from the group.

A lamb that has lost its mother will call out desperately. The mother will often call back until the two can find each other.

Some of these sheep noises are just going to be normal. You can get used to them and they shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

It is a good idea to ensure that the herd has a strong adult figure to follow. Sheep fall in line and follow the older sheep.

Having a good older sheep that is quiet and understands proper behavior is beneficial. It’ll help you to get the rest of the sheep to be quieter.

You should also know that sheep will sometimes get very upset if you separate them from their family members. For example, you could sell one of the sheep or move it to another herd.

The sheep’s family members might call out constantly trying to find it. This can be annoying, but it should subside after a period of time has passed.

3 – Sick and Injured Sheep

Another emergency situation that you should consider involves a sheep getting injured or becoming ill. You’ll sometimes hear sheep calling out for help when they get hurt in some way.

If you have a very vocal sheep, then you might want to take the time to check it out. It’s possible that something could be wrong with the sheep that will need to be addressed.

In this situation, it makes sense to call a veterinarian. Veterinarians will be able to come out to your farm and check your sheep to see how they’re doing.

If the sheep is sick or if it has injured itself in some way, then the veterinarian will be able to get to the bottom of the situation. You’ll be able to determine the best path forward so that the sheep can remain healthy.

Continuing to ignore the sheep wouldn’t be a good idea. If there seemingly isn’t any logical reason for the sheep to be making such a racket, then consider the possibility that it’s hurt and needs help.

4 – The Sheep Wants Your Attention

Some sheep wind up becoming very attached to their owners. You already know that sheep will come to rely on you as a caretaker.

They also enjoy spending time with you, and it isn’t unusual for sheep to want attention from their owners. Many sheep enjoy affection, and you could be hearing sheep cries because it just wants you to come back around.

If you give the sheep some attention, then that might stop them from being too noisy. You’ll just have to determine whether or not the sheep are that attached to you or if they’re crying for another reason.

Even if the sheep are calling out for attention, it’s not going to be welcome for them to do so at odd hours. If you want to keep things quiet, then it might be necessary to train the sheep.

You can train sheep to be quiet as you spend time with them. They should get better at staying quiet as you continue to move forward with training.

Some young sheep might be louder, but they will realize that they need to be quiet as they get older and receive training. There are some techniques that you can use to make it clear that being quiet is ideal.

Instead of giving attention to the noisy sheep, you should take the time to address the sheep that are being quiet. This shows that being quiet gets the desired results and not making noise.

Having a good quiet sheep leader in the herd will help here as well. Eventually, the sheep should fall in line with training.

Some Sheep Are Louder Than Others

Sadly, some sheep are simply going to be louder than others. There are farmers who have chosen to get rid of specific sheep because of how noisy they were.

If you can’t put up with a noisy sheep, then it might make sense to find a different home for that sheep. You might be able to put it on a farm with a farmer who doesn’t care too much about noise.

Re-homing sheep might seem cruel sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be overly dramatic. If the sheep isn’t a good fit for what you want out of your herd, then it might find a better home elsewhere.

Of course, some people will also choose to utilize the sheep as meat. You could get rid of the noisier sheep in the herd that way if you’re so inclined.

Final Thoughts

There are quite a few reasons why sheep will make noise. Yes, some sheep are going to be noisier than others, but you can usually solve these noise issues.

Often, if a sheep is making noise at night, then it’ll be because it’s scared. This could be due to a predator being somewhere in the area.

This is why it’s so imperative to protect your sheep with strong fences and other security measures. It’s also possible that a sheep might be trying to find another sheep and that’s why it’s calling out.

Sheep baa when they want to be fed, and they also make noises when they want your attention. If a sheep seems to be desperately crying, then it might even be sick or injured.

You should do your best to check the sheep to see if anything is amiss. It might be necessary to call a veterinarian or to solve some problem that is impacting the herd.

Training is also helpful for getting sheep to be quiet. They can learn to be quiet when you use strong training methods and place quiet, well-behaved sheep in the herd as examples.

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