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6 Great Ways to Sell a Fish Tank Quickly

6 Great Ways to Sell a Fish Tank Quickly

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If you’re someone who loves fish, then you might have an aquarium or two in your home. Sometimes people get so into the hobby that they buy multiple fish tanks.

You might upgrade your fish tanks from time to time to get bigger and better ones. This leaves you with tanks that you really don’t have a use for any longer.

They wind up taking up space, and you just don’t have the room to store these extra fish tanks. You might want to sell the tanks off so that someone else can enjoy them.

However, selling a fish tank seems like a bit of a tough prospect. Some fish tanks are big, heavy, and somewhat cumbersome to move to new locations.

Even so, they’re valuable enough that they’re worth selling. Continue reading to learn some of the best options when you’re looking to sell a fish tank quickly.

1 – Look for Local Aquarium Clubs

View of Many Different Aquariums Selling Both Fresh and Salt Water Fish

Looking for local aquarium clubs will be one of the first things you should do. This is going to be a very simple way to try to sell an aquarium that you no longer need.

People who join these clubs understand what fish tanks are worth. Many of them are also always looking for good deals on new tanks.

You might even be able to help someone who is still somewhat new to the hobby. If you can give them a good deal on your old fish tank, then they might be willing to take it off of your hands and move it for you.

This gives you the chance to make a bit of cash, and you’ll be able to feel good knowing that the tank went to someone who will appreciate it.

Keep in mind too that you may find someone who could use an aquarium to house something other than fish, like turtles, sea monkeys, or hermit crabs.

Sometimes groups might buy tanks just because they could use extra tanks, too. It’s always worth looking into local fish tank enthusiast groups in your area when you have a tank to sell.

2 – eBay

You might not have thought of this, but eBay is an option for those who are looking to make money even though it’s not going to be easy. Shipping a fish tank is an especially dangerous process because you know how fragile it can be.

This doesn’t mean that it’s impossible, though. You can safely ship a fish tank if you’re willing to go to the effort, but the shipping costs will be unreal.

Many who choose to sell tanks on eBay will only offer local pickup options. People will be able to see your item from around the world, but they’ll know that they can only buy it if they’re willing to come to pick it up themselves.

Truly, this is the most practical way to try to sell a fish tank on eBay. Otherwise, you’d be left to deal with trying to ship out a large and fragile item.

3 – Facebook Marketplace

Small Aquarium on Top of a Chess

Facebook Marketplace is a much better idea than using eBay. This marketplace has become very popular for people who are trying to sell items locally.

People in your area can search the marketplace listings and find various items. Anyone who is looking for fish tanks and fish tank equipment will be able to check out your post.

You’ll be able to field messages and potentially calls as you try to find a buyer. It’s up to you to set a price that you think is reasonable while still hoping to attract buyers.

If you wish to sell the aquarium as quickly as you can, then consider pricing it to sell. Go a bit lower if you don’t feel like anyone is biting on your fish tank since you might have priced too high.

Those who get lucky might sell an aquarium within just a few days on Facebook Marketplace. It’s also convenient because you can specify that the buyer has to pick the tank up and move it themselves.

4 – Craigslist

Craigslist is still a popular marketplace option despite Facebook Marketplace usurping it in some ways. If there are still many people selling items on Craigslist in your area, then it’s worth listing your fish tank on the site.

Much as with the Facebook marketplace, you’ll be choosing the price. You set a price and give your contact information so that people can message you offers.

Eventually, you should get some messages from people who want to buy your tank. This will all depend on whether you priced your tank to sell, of course.

As with Facebook Marketplace, people will have to come to pick the tank up from you if they choose to purchase it. It eliminates the element of having to figure out how to move the tank yourself.

5 – Try Selling it at a Yard Sale

Have you considered having a yard sale at some point in time? In some locations, people refer to these sales as garage sales, too.

You generally have to get a permit of some sort from the city to be able to legally hold a garage/yard sale. This means that you’ll want to have many different things to sell if you’re going to go this route.

Some people team up with their neighbors when having yard sales. You could have a joint yard sale with several neighbors so that there will be more items to attract potential buyers.

You’ll want to advertise your yard sale online using websites such as Facebook and Craigslist. It’s also a good idea to put some signs up to let people driving by know that a yard sale is happening.

This is a really good way to get rid of unwanted items that you don’t have time to sell on eBay or other online marketplaces. People usually expect to get good deals at yard sales, though, and this means that you should probably price items a bit lower so that you can actually sell things.

Think of this as a way to get items out of your house that are just taking up space. You could sell old clothes, toys, games, records, kitchen items, appliances, and so much more.

Selling a fish tank at a yard sale is a good idea. People often come to yard sales with vans or trucks that will be able to fit a lot of stuff.

If they choose to buy your fish tank, then they’ll be able to pick it up and carry it off of your property. It might be necessary for you to move the tank to the garage where it can be safely viewed by potential buyers, but it’ll be their responsibility beyond that point.

6 – Pawn Shops

What if you just need cash quickly? Well, you could try to sell the tank to a pawn shop.

You won’t get as much money as the item is worth if you choose to do this. Pawn shop owners give you a fraction of the value of an item on average.

However, it’s an easy way to get rid of items that you don’t need while making a quick buck. If you need to make the maximum amount of money possible, then don’t go to a pawn shop.

Tips for Selling Your Fish Tank

Selling a fish tank will be simpler if you do things the right way. Below, you’ll find a few tips that should make a difference when selling a fish tank online.

Price the Tank Properly

Pricing the tank properly is the biggest thing that you need to worry about. You want to price it fairly without feeling as if you’re leaving money on the table.

When you want to sell the tank quickly, it’s best to go a little lower than the standard asking price. Otherwise, you can price the tank at the going rate for a used tank of the same make while waiting for the right buyer to come along.

Take Pictures

Aquarium Filld with Colorful Fish

Taking pictures of the tank is imperative when you’re trying to attract buyers. Text descriptions won’t be enough to get someone to buy from you online.

Take clear pictures from multiple angles so that buyers can assess the condition of the tank. Use a good camera to take the photos if possible.

It’s fine to use a phone camera, but be sure that you have a decent phone that can take high-quality HD photos. Most modern smartphones have excellent cameras, thankfully.

Write a Good Description

Writing a good description does help out a lot. You need pictures to go along with it, but you should accurately describe the fish tank to potential buyers.

Being able to give people the most information possible helps them to make a choice. Never lie about the fish tank when selling it online either.

If the tank isn’t in immaculate condition, then you need to be honest about that. People appreciate honesty.

Understand That Negotiating Is Part of the Process

Negotiating is part of the process when selling things online. People are going to try to get the best deal possible.

Sometimes it’s worthwhile to let someone talk you down fifty dollars. If it means selling the fish tank, then it might be worth it to let the tank go.

You can always throw prices back and forth until you come to a price that you’re happy with, too. Don’t be afraid to have a friendly discussion about the price since it could lead to a sale.

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