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What Bedding Is Best for Hedgehogs? (The Best and Worst Options)

What Bedding Is Best for Hedgehogs? (The Best and Worst Options)

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Have you been thinking of buying hedgehogs as pets sometime soon? These little pets certainly can be fun to own, but you want to know what to expect before making a commitment.

For instance, you likely want to learn how to set up the hedgehog’s habitat properly. One of the things that you want to get right is the bedding.

Are there many types of bedding materials that you can use? Which one is the best for hedgehogs?

Below, you’ll learn about hedgehog bedding so that you can make the best choice for your pet. This should help you to have the best experience caring for your pet hedgehog.

Can Hedgehogs Use Pine Bedding?

Pine shavings have commonly been used as small animal bedding in cages over the years. However, it’s not a good fit for pet hedgehogs.

You see, pine shavings aren’t very absorbent. To add to this, there’s some evidence to suggest that pine oils may cause health problems in hedgehogs.

Many hedgehog owners have said that the pine bedding isn’t good for the hedgehog’s feet. Hedgehogs have delicate feet that might get harmed or even cut if you force them to use pine bedding.

You don’t want your hedgehogs to feel like they’re being poked by their bedding. It’s going to make it harder for them to sleep and stay comfortable in their habitat.

So pine bedding should not be your choice when looking for the best bedding option. Thankfully, there are many other types of bedding materials to consider.

Can You Use a Blanket for Hedgehog Bedding?

Yes, it is possible to use a blanket for hedgehog bedding. To get the best results, it’s recommended to use a type of microfleece material known as vellux.

You can buy a vellux blanket and cut it into several small pieces. Line the cage with the pieces of the blanket.

It’s necessary to change the blanket pieces out every two to three days. These blanket pieces can be washed and then reused.

Using a vellux blanket works out so well because it’s made to stand up to punishment. You can wash this blanket many times without it unraveling or losing its shape.

Blankets such as this aren’t overly expensive. You can buy a blanket and cut it up into many pieces so you’ll have plenty to line the cage.

Can You Use Hay for Hedgehog Bedding?

It’s okay to use hay for hedgehog bedding. You have to make sure that you get it from a safe source, though.

Never use hay that you’ve grabbed from a field. It’s imperative to only use hay that you’ve purchased from a pet store.

The hay needs to be free of dust or it might wind up irritating your poor pet hedgehogs. High-quality hay is going to be pretty much dust-free.

It still isn’t the best bedding type to use since hay can poke the hedgehogs. Regardless, it should be okay to use hay if this is the most convenient material that you have access to.

Can You Use Newspaper for Hedgehog Bedding?

Newspaper is a bedding option that you might want to consider using. It’s very convenient because it’s easy to get a steady supply of newspapers that you can utilize.

That doesn’t mean that it’s great bedding for hedgehogs, though. Sadly, newspapers get dirty way too fast.

Also, it stays wet and doesn’t dry very well. It gets cold when it’s wet, too, and your hedgehogs probably won’t like it as much as other types of bedding options.

You can use newspaper as a bedding material if you want to, but you’ll need to change it out more often than other types of bedding. It’s better to choose something else.

Can You Use Shredded Paper for Hedgehog Bedding?

Shredded paper is generally not a good material to use as hedgehog bedding. You likely don’t want to go with this option for similar reasons as to why you don’t want to use newspapers.

There are types of paper bedding materials that can work out, but standard shredded paper won’t work. Paper shavings should work out much better.

You can buy paper shavings small animal bedding at pet stores. This type of bedding is very absorbent and it’s comfortable for the hedgehogs.

The only downside to using paper shavings is that the bedding might get stuck between the hedgehog’s spines sometimes. This is easy enough to fix, but it’s still something to be aware of.

Can You Use Straw for Hedgehog Bedding?

Straw can be used as hedgehog bedding, but it’s still not the best choice. This is something that is commonly used as animal bedding, but it’s not perfect for hedgehogs.

Know that straw isn’t good to use because it can be both hard and brittle. Sometimes the pieces of straw will splinter and you’ll wind up with bits of straw that have sharp edges.

These sharp edges can be quite uncomfortable for your pet hedgehog. Ideally, you should take the time to look into better bedding options.

Straw can work as bedding material in a pinch, but it’s not a great choice. Use something better so your hedgehogs can stay as comfortable as possible.

Can You Use Corn Cob Bedding for Hedgehogs?

Corn cob bedding is another pretty popular option. It’s not good for hedgehogs because it has the potential to get moldy.

Using corn cob bedding might be appealing because it doesn’t cost a lot of cash. This type of bedding can be bought at a low price and it’s fairly absorbent, too.

The problems start to show up when you look at how smelly this bedding can get. It doesn’t smell good and it doesn’t do anything to mask odors.

You have to keep a close eye on corn cob bedding to ensure that it doesn’t start growing mold. For many, this will make using the bedding impractical.

It’d be better to go with another bedding option. Corn cob bedding isn’t the worst bedding type in the world, but it’s far from the best option for hedgehogs.

The Best Wood Bedding Options

Wood shavings work well as bedding options for hedgehogs. Pine shavings aren’t the best because they can be harmful to hedgehogs, but other types of wood shavings are fine.

If you’re looking to save cash, going with aspen shavings might be an appealing choice. This type of bedding is easy to find at pet stores and it’s very inexpensive.

You can also choose to buy various types of soft granule wood pellets as bedding. Wood fiber bedding options are very absorbent and they’re soft.

For many, wood shavings will be one of the best options. It’s comfortable for your pet and it’ll smell fairly nice.

The Best Paper Bedding Options

Going with paper bedding options can work out okay. You want to choose something that will suit your needs, though.

Paper shavings that you buy from a pet store will be both soft and absorbent. Your hedgehogs should like using paper shavings as a bedding material.

There are different paper bedding products out there that you can look out for. Some contain baking soda to help get rid of odors that can make the cage smell bad.

Look into the different options at the pet store and pick a paper shaving bedding that is both absorbent and soft. This will give your hedgehog a more comfortable experience while making it easy for you to maintain a clean cage.

The Best Fabric Bedding Options

You’ve already learned that using a vellux blanket will work out nicely. There is another good fabric bedding option that’s worth your consideration.

You can use old towels as bedding for hedgehogs if you have some that you no longer need. For many, this is going to be a great idea because it makes it so you don’t have to spend any cash.

It’s easy to wash the towels and keep reusing them. Just cut the towels into pieces so you can line the cage properly.

Towels will come in handy for handling your pet hedgehog, too. You can use the fabric to protect yourself from getting poked by the hedgehog’s spines.

Final Thoughts

You should have a better idea of what your options are now. There are many types of bedding that you can turn to.

Wooden bedding options are rather popular because the scent of wood shavings is pleasant. Just be sure not to go with pine shavings because that bedding type can be harmful to hedgehogs.

Paper bedding is okay, but going with paper shavings is better than using newspapers or standard shredded paper. If you want to make things even easier, it might be better to go with fabric bedding.

Fabric bedding options such as vellux blankets and old towels can work out nicely. You can cut the fabric into small pieces and line the cage with them.

It’s easy to rewash the fabric bedding over and over again. You just have to replace the bedding every two or three days.

Ultimately, the choice of which bedding is best will be up to you. Think about what you want and then choose between the good options that you’ve learned about by reading the information above.

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