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Where Do Corn Snakes Live? (6 Places They Can Be Found)

Where Do Corn Snakes Live? (6 Places They Can Be Found)

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Corn snakes are known for their slender, orange or brownish-red skin tone and pattern of red blotches outlined in black stripes. If you’re interested in owning one, you’re probably curious: Where do corn snakes live?

Corn snakes are native to the eastern part of the United States, but they’re abundant in Florida and some parts of the southeastern states. They often live in wooden groves, meadowlands, farms, barns, abandoned buildings, and other settings.

Stick around, as we’ll dive deeper into the places where people mostly see corn snakes.

Where Do Corn Snakes Live in the Wild?

Corn snakes have various habitats in the wild. You’ll likely see them in the following places:

1 – Near Agricultural Fields

People often see corn snakes near agricultural fields. In fact, a theory claims people named them as such because of their regular appearance in corn fields.

Corn fields are one of their favorite spots because it’s where they normally hunt their primary food source—mice and rats. They may be staying in burrows or tree barks near agricultural fields.

2 – Abandoned Buildings

Corn snakes are generally solitary creatures. They prefer to live alone—no wonder why they would find peace living in unused or abandoned buildings.

Besides, their food source is probably looming around such locations, too. Hence, they’re ideal places for corn snakes to live in.

3 – Forests

The forest is a natural home for various wild animals and reptiles, including corn snakes. Typically, they’re found in deciduous forests.

The forest provides a safe and calm environment for these reptiles to live in and a perfect habitat to hunt down small prey.

You’ll see corn snakes near forest openings. They like to stay in old barks and slither over the tops of trees to feed on birds.

4 – Wetland Areas

A wetland can also be an ideal place for corn snakes.

For once, this environment has an abundance of creatures the corn snake can feed on, such as waterbird eggs, frogs, fish, insects, etc.

5 – Rocks

Corn snakes live in logs and stone crevices for nesting and basking. During cold weather, these places allow them to hide and seek protection against unfavorable weather conditions.

By the time the warm days come back, corn snakes will once again enjoy being under the heat of the sun and start hunting for food.

6 – Urban and Suburban Areas

Apart from living in a natural habitat, corn snakes live near suburban areas, too. They slither through houses to hunt down small rodents and to find a suitable hiding place.

When an opportunity or space is available to them, they’ll likely live in burrows around your home. Some of them may live in attics of homes, around barns, and other structures.

Where Does a Red Corn Snake Live?

The red corn snake, otherwise known as the red rat snake, can be found in eastern parts of the United States. People see it in almost every terrestrial habitat, including:

  • Coastal plains
  • Barns
  • Attics
  • Hardwoods hammock
  • Underground crevices of houses
  • Rocky areas
  • Woodlots
  • Barnyards
  • Meadows

Where Does an Eastern Corn Snake Live?

The southeastern regions of the United States are home to Pantherophis guttatus or red corn snake. If you live there, you might come across a corn snake on the ground, meadows, fields, and even trees.

Sightings of such species extend from New Jersey to Florida, Louisiana to Kentucky, and New Mexico to Colorado. Yet, red corn snakes are most abundant in Florida.

You may see these species throughout mainland Florida. They also have their presence through the Florida Keys.

Historically, these reptiles live in pinelands, hardwood forests, wetlands, and inhabited fields. Wild corn snakes still live in those environments, yet they’ve extended their living territories to urban and suburban areas.

Where Else Do Corn Snakes Live?

Aside from the eastern part of the United States, corn snakes are spreading through the islands of the Bahamas and the Caribbean.

Apart from those, here are other areas where corn snakes may thrive:

  • Illinois
  • New Providence
  • Grand Bahama
  • U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Camaro Island

What Is the Ideal Habitat for Corn Snakes?

The wild is the perfect place for corn snakes to live in, as it gives them the freedom to move and hunt food whenever they get hungry. Plus, their presence in the wild is vital for maintaining balance in our ecosystem.

However, since some people have grown fond of bringing corn snakes home, they should learn more about the kind of environment these reptiles need to live best.

In captivity, corn snakes need a space long enough for them to stretch their body. Plus, they need hides, climbing branches, a water bowl, a heat source, and the right substrate in their vivariums.

Final Thoughts

Corn snakes live in the eastern part of the United States, yet they’re most abundant in Florida. They live in a variety of settings, like deciduous forests, agricultural fields, and abandoned buildings, where their food source is sufficient.

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