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Why Do Deer Snort? (2 Common Reasons)

Why Do Deer Snort? (2 Common Reasons)

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If you spend time observing deer, then you might notice that they will snort from time to time. Some people wonder what deer are trying to indicate when they snort.

The truth is that the subject is more complex than you might think. It’s possible that a deer will snort for several different reasons.

It’s actually going to be a good thing to try to learn why deer snort. If you can learn to recognize certain signs, then you’ll be able to try to keep yourself safe if you ever happen to be near a deer.

Read on to learn why deer snort and what it means when they start snorting. You’ll be able to have an easier time recognizing certain types of behavior if you dig into the details.

1 – Deer Often Snort When They’re Frightened or Alarmed

The most common reason why deer start snorting has to do with them being frightened or alarmed. When a deer is scared by something or if it senses that it’s in danger, then it might snort.

For the most part, deer are going to have a fight or flight response when they start snorting this way. There is another potential reason why deer will snort that will be covered later, but for now, you should focus on trying to recognize if the deer is agitated or scared.

When a deer is frightened or alerted to the presence of danger, it’s usually going to exhibit a few behaviors outside of just snorting. You’ll often see the deer start to flick its tail and it will probably start stomping its hooves as well.

Hoof stomping and tail flicking can be considered the body language that indicates that a deer knows it’s in danger. Hunters might notice this body language if they get too close to a deer or if the deer becomes alerted to its presence.

You’ll also notice deer using this type of body language when they’re facing other threats. The snorting might be a way to communicate the danger to other deer that might not have picked up on it yet.

The body language needs to be paid attention to since you want to try to stay safe. If a deer is starting to look aggressive, then it might attack you if it perceives you as a threat.

Basically, the deer is smart enough to realize that it either has to fight you or run from you. Sometimes a deer will think that fighting will create a good chance to run away as well.

In that sense, the deer are very smart and good at protecting themselves. They know what they have to do to try to make it out of a situation alive.

The snorting is just one of the things to look out for to know that a deer is alerted to your presence. If you see a deer snorting despite the fact that you’re hidden, then it either spotted you or it smells you.

Many hunters will use certain scents to try to cover their natural human scent. Deer are very good at picking up scents, and sometimes it can be hard to hide from their noses.

This is why most hunters try to hunt deer by shooting them from long distances. It’s not easy to sneak up on a deer and some would say that it’s nearly impossible for a human to do so.

2 – Deer Might Snort to Communicate Curiosity

It’s also true that deer have been observed snorting while trying to communicate curiosity. They might snort because they wonder about something that’s going on.

There are places in the world that have deer populations that don’t have to put up with predators all that much. In fact, there are some places where deer rarely see any human beings at all.

This means that they aren’t as jumpy or afraid of human beings as the deer that you’re used to seeing in your neck of the woods. If you walk by a deer in your area, then the deer will most likely run away unless it’s an aggressive deer.

In certain places, you can find deer that will just snort and maybe act a little wary of you. They don’t necessarily flee at the sight of humans, but this doesn’t mean that they will walk right up to them either.

It’s interesting to know that there are deer out there that don’t understand the need to fear humans. Some cultures revere deer and others simply preserve the deer and don’t allow hunting.

You might notice very different behavior if you come across a Japanese deer while visiting Japan. Not all deer act the way that whitetails do in North America.

Be Careful Around Deer

No matter what, it’s going to be important to be careful around deer. If you’re close enough to a deer to hear it snort, then that’s likely way too close.

Some people don’t think of deer as dangerous animals because so many people hunt them. While it’s true that they aren’t the most dangerous wild animal in North America, this doesn’t mean that they can’t hurt you.

In fact, deer can be quite dangerous in many circumstances. If you run across a buck during mating season, then it very well might attack you on sight.

Rutting bucks are kind of crazy and have been known to chase people down. They’ll even destroy fences and do other unusual things.

You’ll want to try to stay far away from fawns as well. Mother deer will be in the shadows looking out for their fawns and trying to spot predators.

If you approach a fawn, then you can expect a mother deer to come rushing in to try to protect the fawn soon enough. A deer could seriously injure you by trampling you, and it’s not outside of the realm of possibility that a deer could kill a human.

That being said, if you’re a hunter, then you likely have the ability to protect yourself. If you’re not a hunter, then you should try to avoid deer if you happen to see them near your home.

Final Thoughts

Knowing more about deer and why they snort will be very useful to you. If you can recognize the telltale characteristics that a deer is startled, then you’ll know whether your cover is blown or not.

It’s also good to know because you might stumble across a deer if you’re hiking or something like that. You want to try to avoid confrontations with deer since they can hurt you while trying to defend themselves.

You know that deer might also snort to communicate curiosity sometimes. Typically, if you hear a deer snort in North America, then this means that it’s frightened or alarmed.

Keep all of this information in mind so that you can make good decisions to protect yourself. You don’t have to be afraid of deer, but you should respect all wild animals and understand what they’re capable of.

Now that you know more about deer and why they snort, it’ll be easier to identify what’s going on. Deer certainly are fascinating creatures, but it isn’t always a good idea to get close to them.

Even if you’re a hunter, you’re likely going to want to keep your distance to make the kill. Sneaking up on deer isn’t possible in most circumstances due to how alert they are.

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