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Why Does My Sugar Glider Pee on Me? (3 Reasons)

Why Does My Sugar Glider Pee on Me? (3 Reasons)

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The vast majority of people who have decided to raise sugar gliders have been very pleased with the experience. These tiny marsupials are very cute and they’re also quite affectionate.

Being able to spend time with a pet that you can easily gain a connection with is very rewarding and you’re going to have a good time raising them.

If you’ve noticed that your sugar glider seems to be peeing on you from time to time, then you might want to get them to stop doing that. Why is this even happening and is there a reason you should be worried about problems with your sugar glider?

Keep reading to get more information about why sugar gliders might pee on their owners.

1 – It’s Just an Accident

Two Sugar Gliders Snuggled in Blanket

One of the most common reasons why sugar gliders would pee on their owners is that they just had an accident. It isn’t uncommon at all for sugar gliders to climb inside people’s shirts or pockets to try to stay warm. They’re also just very playful little pets who like to be around their owners quite a bit.

If your sugar glider couldn’t find its way out of your shirt or pocket in time, then it might have just needed to pee very badly. Sugar gliders can have accidents such as this, just the same as any other type of animal. You could be worrying about it more than you should and it might not happen all that often at all.

You could try to ensure that your sugar glider always has a path to get free if it tries to nestle itself in your shirt pocket or something such as that. This will lessen the likelihood that small accidents will occur so that you won’t have to worry.

Of course, that isn’t the only reason why sugar gliders might pee on their owners and there is still more to consider.

2 – Scent Marking

Sleepy Sugar Glider in Blanket

Scent marking is another common reason why sugar gliders will choose to urinate on humans. It’s very likely that your sugar glider likes you a lot because you take care of it and you take the time to play with it.

You probably know that animals like to pee on things that they think of as theirs, and your sugar glider thinks of you as its owner.

This means that when a sugar glider chooses to pee on you somewhat often, it’s likely that it’s doing so as a sign of affection. It’s definitely not something that you want to encourage and you probably don’t like it, but that’s one possible reason why it happens. It’s sort of hard to train sugar gliders to pee only in specific spots but they are generally very clean animals.

Hopefully, your sugar glider will get used to peeing in a specific area because of its cleanliness tendencies. For the most part, sugar gliders don’t like to defecate or urinate in their little home areas and will be good about going in the designated spots. Over time, the sugar glider might stop bothering you with this type of behavior.

Some sugar glider owners have noted that baby sugar gliders are much more likely to urinate on their owners. This could be an instinct that fades over time as they feel more confident that they don’t need to do that to get you to pay it attention.

It’s hard to give more information than this on the issue because humans can only guess at what sugar gliders are thinking.

3 – Bladder Issues

Sick Sugar Glider Wearing Collar

Finally, you could consider whether or not your sugar glider has some type of bladder issue that is causing it to pee more than normal. If you are noticing any unusual urination habits for your sugar glider, then you might need to take action.

Sugar gliders can get things such as bladder infections or other issues just the same as other types of animals can.

If you’re concerned about your sugar glider and whether or not all is well, then you could talk to your veterinarian about what you’re experiencing. The veterinarian can run some tests and determine if anything at all is wrong with your sugar glider.

It’s more likely that the top two reasons are the reason why this is happening, but you can’t rule out bladder issues if other things seem amiss.

Most veterinarians are going to be pretty used to dealing with sugar gliders by now. They’re becoming a very popular exotic pet that lots of people like to own and this means that your veterinarian should know how to care for them well. If there is a small bladder issue with your sugar glider, then they will be able to take steps to get things better.

Just follow the advice of your veterinarian if you need to make some changes. Speculating about the cause of any bladder issues is less helpful than just asking the veterinarian if you’re at all concerned. Make an appointment so that you can have some peace of mind if you deem it necessary.

Keep Caring for Your Sugar Glider

Baby Sugar Glider Drinking From a Syringe

Now you know the common reasons why a sugar glider will pee on its owner. It’s very likely that it’s just having accidents or that it’s trying to mark you as a sign of affection. If your sugar glider is a baby, then you probably have nothing to worry about at all.

Even so, it’s good to know everything that you can about your sugar glider so that you can keep caring for it to the best of your capabilities. These little pets are a joy to own and they deserve the love and attention of their owners. Even if your pet peeing on you is a bit of a nuisance, it doesn’t change the fact that they’re such great pets.

If you want to be safe about things, then you can always ask for advice from your veterinarian. It’s good to be a proactive sugar glider owner who cares about taking care of pets.

You will be able to get things on track even if there is some type of problem and you’ll be able to keep on enjoying your time with your pet.

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