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Will Sugar Gliders Run Away? (Tips To Keep Them Contained)

Will Sugar Gliders Run Away? (Tips To Keep Them Contained)

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Sugar gliders are pets that some people think are the best. They love sugar gliders so much because they’re cute and cuddly.

These little animals are sold in many different pet stores. Buying a sugar glider and a little cage won’t be too hard.

Sometimes you might want to let your sugar glider out of the cage to play. Will sugar gliders run away if you don’t keep them in a safe room where they can’t slip out?

Below, you’ll learn about sugar gliders and what you should do when you want to play with them outside of the cage. This can help you to have a safe experience.

Sugar Gliders Will Run Away

Yes, sugar gliders will indeed run away. This is why you shouldn’t allow them to roam freely in your home.

Simply put, the sugar glider could wind up getting away and coming to harm. These little animals might go and explore other parts of your house that are dangerous.

They’re not necessarily going to come when you call them either. The natural instinct of a sugar glider is to roam free and do its own thing.

When you’re trying to keep one as a pet, you must keep it in a cage. Otherwise, you’d have a tough time keeping the sugar glider in good health.

Those who try to allow sugar gliders to roam freely often regret it. It often leads to the sugar glider dying or becoming harmed in some way.

The environment in your home isn’t safe for sugar gliders. Even if you try to take steps to make it safer, it’s still not wise to allow the sugar glider to roam freely.

Will Sugar Gliders Run Away Outside?

Under no circumstances should you take a sugar glider outside. If you take a sugar glider outside, it absolutely will run away.

It’s unlikely that you will ever see the sugar glider again. Also, sugar gliders aren’t a natural part of the environment where you live.

These little animals come from rainforests in Australia, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea. They aren’t used to living in the type of environment that you live in.

They can be kept as pets, but they won’t do well in a local forested area. Aside from this, it’s wrong to bring animals that don’t belong in your local environment outside.

These animals have the potential to become disruptive. For example, stray cats are incredibly invasive and cause many problems in local ecosystems.

While sugar gliders aren’t predators, they still don’t belong in your local environment. Keep this in mind for the safety of your pet and so you can do what is right for your area.

How Can You Play with Sugar Gliders?

So what should you do if you want to play with your sugar gliders? It likely seems wrong to keep them locked away in a cage all the time.

You have a few different options to consider. Both of the common choices involve putting the sugar glider in a safe environment where it cannot run away.

Buy an Indoor Tent

Buying an indoor tent that you can use for the sugar glider is a great idea. You can hang out with the pet inside of the tent.

It should be able to roam freely in the tent without escaping. You can sit in the tent with the sugar glider and interact with it.

This gives the animal the chance to climb and glide around. These pets love to glide off of things and it’s likely that they will glide toward you or even on top of you.

Many people buy tents to use for their sugar gliders. It can be an excellent way to bond with your pet.

An indoor tent won’t cost a ton of cash and it’s easy to set up. When you’re ready to put the sugar glider back in the cage, simply grab it in a safe fashion.

People often use bonding pouches to carry these animals with them around the house. This should be a very safe method for transporting the sugar glider back to its cage.

Set Up a Safe Room

Setting up a safe room will take a bit of effort. You need to ensure that the room is truly safe before letting the sugar glider loose.

Make sure that no vents or holes will allow the pet to escape. You need to watch out for any cracks or crevices that might present a problem.

If you’re sure that all is well, this spare room can be a good place to play with your pet. It can climb, run, jump, and glide in the room.

When you’re done playing, you can simply put it in a pouch and take it back to its cage. Overall, this is a solid idea, but it might not be as easy as buying a tent.

Are Sugar Gliders Good Pets?

Many people think that sugar gliders are spectacular pets. Whether they will make good pets for you will depend on your preferences.

You’ll enjoy sugar gliders, but it does take a while to bond with them. It takes four to six weeks to fully bond with a sugar glider.

They need to be kept in a cage most of the time, but you can play with them in safe environments. These animals are easy to care for overall, and they often live for ten to twelve years as pets.

Final Thoughts

You should be able to tell if you will want to buy a sugar glider now. These pets will indeed run away from you if they get a chance.

It’s unwise to allow a sugar glider to roam freely in the house. Only do this in a safe environment such as a tent.

You can also set up a spare room that doesn’t have holes or cracks that will allow the animal to escape. Under no circumstances should you let your sugar glider outside.

Remember all of this and you should have a positive experience when caring for these animals as pets. Many people love them, and you just might wind up loving them, too.

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