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Are Corn Snakes Venomous? (And Can They Hurt You?)

Are Corn Snakes Venomous? (And Can They Hurt You?)

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Are you thinking about getting a pet snake for yourself, but not sure what’s a good choice? May we present the humble but ever-popular corn snake, with good reason.

Corn snakes are considered one of the friendliest of all snake species. These little guys are perfect for beginner pet owners who want to try their hands at caring for a reptile or even several at once.

Though they’re still snakes, people are skeptical about possessing a likely venomous snake. Are corn snakes venomous, though?

Let’s start with this most crucial question, shall we?

Are Corn Snakes Venomous?

No, corn snakes aren’t venomous. A typical corn snake doesn’t have any fangs, to begin with, since the sole purpose of having fangs is to inject venom into their prey.

On the other hand, copperhead snakes are exceptionally venomous snakes that resemble corn snakes. A lot of people actually kill corn snakes thinking they’re dangerous copperheads.

It’s a good thing there are still some differences between them, like their pupils, for instance.

Are Corn Snakes Poisonous?

This particular species of snake isn’t considered poisonous in any way. You won’t get poisoned just by touching or holding them. This is a good thing because corn snakes are also known for their tendency to cuddle.

This species of rat snake constricts its live food in the absence of venom and poison in its system. It feeds on, like the name says, mainly rats, mice, and sometimes quails.

Not to mention, corn snakes only use their ability to constrict prey that can fit in their mouths.

Are Corn Snakes Prone to Biting?

Corn snakes are docile creatures by nature, so they bite as a last option for protecting themselves, but they don’t do that often. Therefore, instead of biting first, they’re the type of snake that slithers away in the presence of possible bigger danger, like us humans.

That doesn’t mean corn snakes won’t ever bite someone or something. They’re still snakes that use their mouths when catching and swallowing their kill whole.

Do Corn Snake Bites Hurt?

No, they won’t hurt as much as bites from venomous snakes and other predatory animals. The surprise of getting a snake bite would be the brunt of the pain.

In the worst-case scenario, you can feel a bit of a sting puncturing your skin and some bleeding. For the best, it’ll feel like pinching on your skin or a minor paper cut.

What Are the Teeth of Corn Snakes Like?

Rather than fangs, corn snakes have rows of 20 to 30 narrow but sharp teeth that are more fragile and tiny than you think.

These animals use their teeth to grab stuff and anchor in the food they eat with every swallow. This way, the contracting muscles in their mouth and body let the food slide down to their stomachs.

Another purpose for the corn snake’s teeth is to help lock in its prey in its mouth. It has more teeth on its upper jaw than on its lower jaw.

Are Corn Snake Bites a Threat to Us Humans?

In the case of a corn snake, its bite isn’t really that big of a threat to us. Because of the size and frailty of the teeth they possess, bites from these snakes could only draw a bit of blood.

Quite frankly, getting bitten by a corn snake will heal normally, just like a small cut. So long as you clean it thoroughly right after the encounter, though.

Bites from other pets, such as dogs, cats, and pests like mice, are more dangerous for us than bites from these nonvenomous snakes.

Are Corn Snakes a Threat to Us?

Generally speaking, corn snakes aren’t a threat to us. Not only are they one of the best options for budding first-time owners, but they’re also the ideal guys if you want help with pest control around your gardens, especially with rodents.

Along with the name rat snake and its connection to the snake’s food source, the term corn in corn snake came from its tendency to linger around fields and harvests of grain. These locations are fraught with mice the snakes can eat, and in turn, they help manage rat-related problems.

Final Thoughts

Are corn snakes venomous in any way? No, they neither have venom or poison in their systems. They won’t bite you as long as they don’t consider you a threat to their safety.

When encountering bigger animals and people, corn snakes would flee at the first sight of danger. If you get bitten, it’ll heal like normal when you properly disinfect it.

All in all, these cuddly guys are no threat to you or me. In fact, when given the right care and consideration, they can assist us as our pets and as a part of the delicate balance of our ecosystem.

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