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Do Corn Snakes Bite? (What to Do If It Happens)

Do Corn Snakes Bite? (What to Do If It Happens)

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Have you been thinking about getting a corn snake as a pet? This is one of the most common pet snakes that you can purchase.

Overall, corn snakes are great pets because they’re easy to care for. You still might be intimidated by the prospect of owning a snake, though.

Many people fear snakes and it’s a natural fear for humans to have. The fear of snakes seems to be ingrained in people, but you can get over it by learning that snakes can be good pets.

Do corn snakes bite people or are they docile animals? Keep reading to learn more about this topic.

Are Corn Snakes Nice?

You’ll find that corn snakes are about as nice as pet snakes can get. These snakes are considered to be among the friendliest snakes that you can own.

They’re rather easy to handle and they’re docile. This doesn’t mean that corn snakes can’t be bothered or become aggressive under the right circumstances, though.

Even so, these snakes are so easy to handle that they will be fantastic choices for most beginners. If you’re new to the idea of owning pet snakes you’ll be happy to start with corn snakes.

Corn snakes are pretty much the universal choice when recommending good snakes for beginners. They’re timid enough that they won’t intimidate newcomers.

Why Do Corn Snakes Bite?

There are a few things that might cause corn snakes to bite. If it has been a long time since you fed the snake it might bite simply because it’s hungry.

When you place your hands in the snake’s habitat it might bite them. This is happening because the snake is mistaking your hands as food.

Another possibility is that you didn’t wash your hands after handling the snake’s food. Snakes have a great sense of smell and can use it to track down prey.

If your hands smell like prey, the snake might choose to bite you. Simply washing your hands will remove the scent and you won’t have to worry any longer.

Of course, a corn snake is also going to bite if it’s threatened. Snakes will bite as a defense mechanism, and your snake might feel threatened if you choose to corner it.

Another thing to keep in mind is that handling the snake aggressively or doing something wrong might set it off. These snakes are rather timid and they don’t usually bite while being handled, though.

If you’re handling the snake the right way you should have nothing to worry about. Just be sure to approach things calmly and try to avoid situations that will cause the snake to feel threatened.

Does a Corn Snake Bite Hurt?

Getting bitten by a corn snake isn’t going to hurt that much. These snakes aren’t venomous and that means that they can’t do a lot of damage.

When bitten by a corn snake you might be left with some shallow bite marks. It’ll hurt just a little bit, but the pain isn’t going to be severe.

In some cases, a corn snake bite will cause you to bleed just a little bit. This doesn’t always occur, though.

Most corn snake owners liken corn snake bites to paper cuts. They can feel a bit uncomfortable, but it’s not really that bad overall.

So if you do happen to get bitten by a corn snake it isn’t anything to worry about. At worst, you’re going to feel a minor sting when being bitten, but the sensation isn’t overwhelming.

Does a Baby Corn Snake Bite Hurt?

Much like being bitten by an adult corn snake, a baby corn snake bite isn’t anything to worry about. Baby corn snake bites are even more harmless than adult corn snake bites.

Since the babies are smaller, they won’t even be able to pierce the skin most of the time. An adult corn snake bite has the potential to cause very minor bleeding, but a baby corn snake bite likely won’t break the skin.

It’s rare for a baby corn snake bite to even hurt you a little bit. Even so, some people do say that being bitten by baby corn snakes will hurt just a little bit.

At worst, you should expect extremely mild pain when being bitten by a baby corn snake. It might not even hurt you at all, but it could be startling to be bitten by a baby snake nonetheless.

People are often more afraid of the thought of being bitten than the actual result. Many have a natural fear of snakes so the idea of being bitten is scarier than the result when it comes to corn snakes.

This doesn’t mean that you should want to be bitten, of course. Don’t put yourself in a position to be bitten by corn snakes for any reason.

Since these snakes are timid they should only bite if they feel threatened. Don’t make the corn snakes feel threatened and you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Is a Corn Snake Bite Poisonous?

Corn snake bites aren’t poisonous so you don’t have much to worry about. These aren’t venomous snakes.

When a corn snake bites you it won’t be able to inject you with any venom. These snakes don’t produce venom so their bites are harmless to humans.

Even if the bite hurts just a little bit, it won’t be something that should cause you concern. It’s just a mild discomfort that will not be on your mind for long at all.

There are many venomous snakes out there that you should be wary of. Corn snakes aren’t venomous and you won’t need to rush to the hospital if one happens to bite you.

The lack of venom is a good reason why people keep corn snakes as pets. They’re easy to care for and you don’t have to worry about getting hurt by these snakes.

It’s usually best to stick to keeping non-venomous snakes as pets. If you gain more experience as a snake owner you can choose to purchase other snakes eventually.

What to Do If a Corn Snake Bites You

If you get bitten by a corn snake there isn’t really much that you need to do. These snakes aren’t venomous so you don’t need to worry about getting hurt.

Of course, some corn snake bites might break the skin. If you’re a little bit hurt by the bite, it’s prudent to wash yourself up.

Typically, it’s just recommended to wash the area where you received the bite. Wash the area thoroughly with soap and warm water.

After this, you can choose to dress the bite if you feel it’s necessary. If you’re bleeding a little bit you might want to put a bandage on.

You don’t need to use gauze or a special type of bandage for such a minor wound. Any bandage that you have will get the job done.

Note that not everyone bothers to put bandages on corn snake bite wounds. You might want to do so if the bite breaks the skin, but it might not even be that serious.

Do Corn Snakes Hiss?

Like most snakes, corn snakes are going to hiss when they feel threatened. Corn snakes hiss as a warning to try to get people or animals to stay away from them.

You might also see the corn snake vibrate its tail to act as a warning. When you see snakes acting this way it’s an indication that they might bite if you don’t back off.

Back away slowly if you don’t want to get bitten. Corn snakes can’t hurt you, but you don’t necessarily want the snake to bite you.

These snakes usually only hiss or act threatened when you corner them. Don’t make the snake feel cornered and you should be able to avoid situations such as this.

Corn Snakes Are Great Pets

Don’t hesitate to buy corn snakes as pets if you’re interested. These snakes are the best options for newcomers.

If you like the idea of caring for pet snakes, corn snakes will be perfect for you. They’re easy to care for and they’re the most docile snakes that you can get.

It’s still possible for them to bite, but they won’t bite under normal circumstances. Typically, they only bite when they’re very hungry or when they feel threatened.

So these snakes will be perfect pets that you can buy. It’ll allow you to learn how to care for snakes.

This is a good way for you to get over a fear of snakes, too. Many people buy corn snakes simply to become less afraid of snakes.

Plus, corn snakes can live for a long time when you care for them well. These snakes commonly live for ten to fifteen years as pets.

Final Thoughts

You should feel much more confident now after learning about corn snakes. These snakes do bite, but they’re docile and won’t bite people for no reason.

A corn snake is normally going to be quite timid. It’ll likely only bite you if you try to corner it.

So do your best to make the corn snake feel at ease. If you do get bitten, it’s not going to be a huge deal.

Corn snake bites don’t hurt all that much and these snakes aren’t venomous. You can simply wash the wound and it’ll be perfectly fine.

Handling corn snakes is simple and you can easily learn to do it safely. Anyone who wants to own pet snakes should start by learning to take care of corn snakes.

If you buy corn snakes you will have a great experience. These snakes aren’t intimidating in any way and they’re simple to care for.

Be sure to let your friends and family know what you learned today. Anyone who is interested in corn snakes will benefit from knowing more about what to expect when caring for them.

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