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How Big Do Pet Hermit Crabs Get? (By Type)

How Big Do Pet Hermit Crabs Get? (By Type)

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Hermit crabs are very interesting creatures that many people wind up wanting to learn about. These little crabs have actually become common pets that certain people adore.

You might be interested in getting a hermit crab of your own sometime soon. This could be a lot of fun, but it’s wise to learn a bit about them before moving forward.

For instance, it’d be good to understand the needs of these creatures. You’ll also want to know how large they will get.

How big do pet hermit crabs get? Are these crabs going to be fairly large when they’re full-grown or do they stay relatively small?

Read on to learn more about hermit crab sizes. You’ll also get some other useful information about them that will help you.

Average Hermit Crab Sizes

Determining the average size of a hermit crab is actually more complicated than you might think. You see, there are actually quite a few different types of hermit crabs out there.

Different types of hermit crabs will grow to be different sizes. Some might wind up being as small as just a few inches, but others can grow to be six inches.

Below, you’ll learn about some of the popular hermit crab types as well as how large they’re expected to get. This might help you to make a decision about which type of crab is right for you.

Blueberry Hermit Crab

Blueberry hermit crabs are definitely very intriguing to look at. As you might expect, this crab is going to have a blue body.

Sometimes these crabs can also have purple bodies, though. Either way, they’re colorful and rather aesthetically pleasing.

This is a very small hermit crab that will only grow to be one inch. It’s a crab that is native to Japan.

Ecuadorian Hermit Crab

The Ecuadorian hermit crab is one of the smallest that you will find being sold as pets. This little crab will only wind up growing to be one inch in size.

They have a tan color and they’re certainly interesting to look at. Many people like these crabs because of how active they are.

You’ll find that this is a hermit crab that will live for a long time, too. It can live for thirty years or longer if cared for optimally.

Caribbean Hermit Crab

The Caribbean hermit crab is probably the most common type that you will see in pet stores. Sometimes you might find these crabs being sold under other names such as soldier crabs or tree crabs.

Typically, this type of hermit crab will have either a brown body or a purple body. They’re also known for having very round eyes.

You can expect these pet hermit crabs to get pretty big. These crabs can grow to be up to six inches in size.

Ruggie Hermit Crab

Ruggie hermit crabs are another type of small hermit crab. This crab will grow to be around one inch.

Owning a ruggie can be a very good experience. These crabs look great and they’re a lot of fun to observe.

Expect to find ruggies in many different colors such as tan, blue, gray, white, and black. In the wild, these crabs can be found in Indonesia and Australia.

Australian Hermit Crab

Australian hermit crabs unsurprisingly come from Australia. These crabs will usually grow to be around one and a half inches.

They actually look a lot like the Ecuadorian hermit crabs mentioned earlier. These light brown crabs are pretty popular overall.

It’s said that they prefer to use aquatic snail shells. They’ll also use land snail shells when necessary, though.

How Big Should the Tank Be?

Many new hermit crab owners wonder about the size of the crab because they’re worried about how big the tank will need to be. If you’re working with limited space, then owning a hermit crab as a pet will still be quite practical.

It’ll be easy to keep a hermit crab in a 10-gallon tank. You just need to ensure that the tank has everything that the hermit crab needs.

A 10-gallon tank is actually going to provide more than enough space for a few hermit crabs. That means that you could choose to get the hermit crab a friend if you would like to.

Keeping Multiple Hermit Crabs

It’s actually recommended to keep at least two hermit crabs in one habitat. Many enthusiasts will tell you that it’s cruel to keep a single hermit crab in a tank by itself.

Hermit crabs are considered to be social creatures. They will get along well so long as you meet their needs.

Ensure that you have plenty of spare shells around. Also, make sure that the crabs can bury themselves in the substrate properly.

Hermit Crab Tanks Don’t Need Special Equipment

You don’t need to go out and purchase special equipment when caring for hermit crabs. These tanks are decidedly easy to set up.

All you need to do to get started is buy the tank itself and some basic lighting. You’ll need to put a substrate that the crabs can dig through at the bottom of the tank.

This is crucial for the molting process that all crabs will go through from time to time. You’ll also need to place a dish and a sponge in the tank.

Ideally, hermit crabs should have a few things that they can climb on in the tank, too. They also enjoy having things that they can hide under.

Feeding Hermit Crabs

Feeding hermit crabs will also be an easy process. These creatures aren’t picky eaters.

You want to buy commercial hermit crab foods to give to your pet crabs. This will make up the bulk of what the crabs eat.

Most enthusiasts choose to supplement this with fresh foods. It’s just important not to feed hermit crabs too much at once.

They’re small creatures and they shouldn’t eat too much. You’ll have an easy time feeding them and keeping them healthy so long as you’re putting in the effort.

How Expensive Are Hermit Crabs?

You’ll be able to buy hermit crabs without spending too much of your hard-earned cash. Often, you’ll be able to find hermit crabs being sold for as little as three dollars (or you might be able to find them at the beach).

Expect to spend somewhere between three and twenty-five dollars on most hermit crabs. Of course, some might be more expensive than others.

Buying the tank and the necessary equipment won’t be costly either. Hermit crabs make perfect pets for those who are on strict budgets.

Final Thoughts

You have a much better idea of how big hermit crabs get now. Most of the popular pet hermit crabs will wind up growing to be about one inch.

The most common and popular hermit crab out there has the potential to grow to be six inches, though. Either way, these aren’t very big creatures.

You’ll be able to keep pet hermit crabs in a 10-gallon tank without it being a problem. They’re easy to care for and they can be fun to observe, too.

If you think that owning hermit crabs sounds like a fun time, then you can move forward. It’ll be easy to find what you’re looking for at a local pet store.

Enjoy your new pet hermit crabs and be sure to care for them well. They aren’t difficult pets to take care of, but it’s still important to put in the necessary effort.

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