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How Many Anoles Can Live Together?

How Many Anoles Can Live Together?

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Keeping anoles as pets can be a very good experience. If you’re someone who likes lizards, then it makes sense that you might want to buy one sometime soon.

Those who have friends who like them might already know that they’re commonly kept in groups. You might be nervous about buying too many since you don’t know how many anoles can safely be kept together.

Exactly how many anoles can live together? Is there a hard limit on the number of them that you should keep in one habitat?

Keep reading to get all of the information about anoles that you need to know. This will help you to ensure that you can keep them happy and healthy in your home.

It’s Fine to Keep Anoles in Small Groups

It’s perfectly fine to keep anoles in small groups. You should be able to get excellent results when keeping anoles in groups of three or four.

Some even keep anoles in groups of six. You just need to be sure that you only have one male in the group.

You see, males are not going to get along with each other. If you put two male anoles in the same tank, then they’re going to wind up fighting, and you don’t want to have to deal with that.

For this reason, it’s imperative to keep only one male in the tank. When you’re caring for brown anoles, it’s said that having one male and five females will be an ideal group.

Some have said that keeping two males in the same tank will be fine if the tank is large enough. It’s also said that there needs to be more than enough female anoles to go around.

It might be okay to have two males and ten females in the same tank. You’ll need a particularly large tank for this situation to work out fine, but it is indeed possible.

For most, it’ll be more practical to stick to just having one male in a terrarium with female anoles. If you want to keep things simple, then that’s the recommended choice.

Ensure That the Tank Is Big Enough

As you might expect, there will be issues between the anoles if the tank isn’t big enough. They need a terrarium that is large enough to comfortably fit them.

It’s said that one anole is going to need ten gallons of space. If you plan to keep a small group of anoles together, then you’ll need to increase the size of the tank. You might want to buy a 20-gallon tank or a 30-gallon tank, depending on how many anoles you plan to take care of.

Remember that the dimensions of the tank will matter. Anoles like to climb, and you should ensure that the tank that you choose is at least eighteen inches high.

Also, the tank is going to need to have a screened lid. Otherwise, the anoles would simply escape the tank and wind up running all over your home.

Can You Mix and Match Different Types of Anoles?

No, it’s not recommended to mix and match different types of anoles. If you were to try to keep green anoles with brown anoles, then they would wind up fighting with each other.

Simply put, different types of anoles aren’t going to get along. You must keep the same species of anoles together instead of trying to make them mingle with other species.

It’s fine to own both brown anoles and green anoles. You just need to house them in separate tanks.

Knowing this ahead of time will allow you to avoid making mistakes. It’s always imperative to research things like this before getting started so that you can have good results.

Can You Keep One Anole by Itself?

Some might not want to own more than one anole. If you’d prefer to just have one anole in a 10-gallon tank, then is that going to be okay to do?

Yes, it’s perfectly fine to keep one anole in a terrarium by itself. In fact, some might even say that this will be an easier situation than keeping anoles in a small group.

So long as you ensure that the anole has everything that it needs, it’s going to do fine by itself. Anoles don’t have to be kept in small groups or pairs to thrive.

There are enthusiasts who think that it’s cruel to keep one anole by itself, though. It really just comes down to your personal opinion on the matter.

From a certain perspective, it’s easy to see why keeping a lone anole in captivity could be seen as cruel. If you want to, you could at least give the anole a friend and take care of two of them in the same tank.

Are Anoles Easy to Care for?

For the most part, anoles are indeed considered to be easy to care for. They’re inexpensive, and buying what you need to take care of them won’t cost much either.

So long as you meet their needs, these little creatures will be able to thrive in your home for quite some time. Feeding them will be simple and you don’t need a lot of space in your home to keep anoles as pets.

For many, anoles will be perfect pets. When you don’t have a lot of space to keep larger lizards, it’ll be well worth looking into buying some anoles.

Final Thoughts

Learning more about anoles should make it easier for you to make good choices. You now know that you can keep quite a few anoles in a group so long as you have a big enough tank for them.

One anole will need a 10-gallon tank. When you plan to care for more anoles, you’ll need to scale things up and get a larger tank.

To have an easy time, it’ll be best to only keep one male anole in a tank. You can keep one male anole in a tank with five female anoles to have a peaceful and good experience.

Don’t mix and match different types of anoles, though. Brown anoles and green anoles aren’t meant to live together.

So long as you can keep this information in mind, you’ll have an easy enough time caring for anoles. They’re good pets, and you’ll love having them in your home.

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