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How Long Do Rabbits Live? (The Lifespan of Wild and Pet Rabbits)

How Long Do Rabbits Live? (The Lifespan of Wild and Pet Rabbits)

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Rabbits are great pets, but many people aren’t too familiar with them. You might simply think rabbits are cute and that makes you want to buy one as a pet.

Before moving forward with buying a pet rabbit it’s best to learn about them. You want to learn what to expect so you can decide if the pet is right for you.

Otherwise, it’d be hard to truly commit to caring for this pet. You want to know what you’re getting yourself into, so to speak.

One of the most important things to know is how long rabbits live on average. Are rabbits long-lived pets or do they only live for a few years?

Continue reading to learn about rabbit lifespans. This will help you to decide whether to buy a pet rabbit or not.

How Long Do Rabbits Live as Pets?

If you do a good job of caring for a pet rabbit it can live for a long time. It’s common for rabbits to live between five and eight years as pets.

This information can differ slightly depending on the breed, though. Some rabbits might live slightly shorter lives while others will live a bit longer.

When you give a rabbit excellent care, it’s possible that it might live for up to twelve years. So these pets truly can be members of your family for a while when you do a great job as a pet owner.

Since these pets have the potential to live for many years it’s important to be ready for the commitment. Otherwise, you shouldn’t buy pet rabbits.

Caring for rabbits isn’t a short-term commitment like caring for a hamster or a gerbil. You need to be prepared to care for a rabbit for many years.

How Long Do Wild Rabbits Live?

Wild rabbits have a lot more to deal with than pet rabbits. As you’d expect, wild rabbits have to watch out for predators.

Since predators are an issue, wild rabbits don’t live as long as pet rabbits. Some wild rabbits will only make it a year or two, but others might not even last that long.

The lifespan of a wild rabbit can vary greatly. It could be anywhere from one year to nine years.

Due to predators, it’s likely that wild rabbits won’t live for too many years. A very lucky rabbit would have a chance to reach nine years old in the wild.

How Long Do Unspayed Rabbits Live?

The lifespan of a pet rabbit will decrease substantially if it isn’t spayed. If you own a female rabbit, it’s advised to get it spayed.

Spayed rabbits can live for eight years or longer. These rabbits have the potential to reach twelve years old.

Unspayed rabbits will have lifespans between four and seven years. So the unspayed rabbits will generally live less than the average lifespan of other domestic rabbits.

You should contact your veterinarian and get your female rabbit spayed soon. It’s better for the health of the rabbit and can help it to live a long and happy life.

What Rabbit Breed Lives the Longest?

There are many rabbit breeds that have the potential to live for twelve years. Twelve years is generally as long as a rabbit is capable of living.

Rabbit breeds such as the Holland Lop, Jersey Wooly, Lionhead, Netherland Dwarf, and Mini Rex are all known to live up to twelve years. These breeds can also die before this time, but they still have the potential to live for twelve years with great care.

How Long Do Dwarf Rabbits Live?

The Netherland Dwarf rabbit is known to live for up to twelve years. The average lifespan of this rabbit is between seven and twelve years.

This is an incredibly cuddly rabbit that many people will adore. If you’re looking for a good rabbit that will thrive under your care this will be a good choice.

How Long Do Lionhead Rabbits Live?

Lionhead rabbits have a very unique look. They’re appealing to many people and they’re capable of living for quite some time.

Some Lionhead rabbits have been known to live for twelve years. It’s more common for these rabbits to live between seven and nine years as pets, though.

How Long Do Dutch Rabbits Live?

Dutch rabbits don’t grow to be as old as many of the other rabbits mentioned above. Even so, they can live for a long time when they receive great care.

A Dutch rabbit will usually live to be between five and eight years old. These are smart rabbits that have a gentle temperament so they will be good picks for families.

How Long Do Rex Rabbits Live?

Rex rabbits are among the most popular rabbits that you will find. The standard Rex rabbit has a shorter lifespan than the Mini Rex rabbit mentioned earlier.

Standard Rex rabbits are known to live between six and eight years as pets. Mini Rex rabbits can live up to twelve years with optimal care, but they don’t always live that long.

How Can You Make a Rabbit Live Longer?

What if you want to help your rabbit live for as long as possible? What can you do to make the rabbit live for as close to twelve years as possible?

The first thing to focus on is giving the rabbit an ideal environment. Rabbits don’t do well in homes that are noisy and stressful.

Your rabbit will be healthier if it feels safe and secure. Try to keep it in a room where it won’t feel threatened by loud noises.

Ensure that you give it a cage that is large enough and has comfortable bedding. It’s fine to use hay as the bedding material, but you can go with other options as well.

Keep the cage very clean and make sure that you keep up with regular maintenance. Give your rabbit high-quality foods while making sure not to overfeed it.

Rabbits that are overweight will be far less likely to live for a long time. Sadly, overweight rabbits often deal with health issues that cut their lives short.

You can help to mitigate these concerns by ensuring that your rabbit gets plenty of playtime. Physical activity will help your pet to maintain a healthy weight.

If you handle all of the basics well it’ll be easy to help your pet live for as long as possible. It really is just about doing your best to meet the care needs of the rabbit.

Do Rabbits Need to Be Kept in Pairs?

No, you don’t need to keep rabbits in pairs for them to survive. Many people keep just one pet rabbit and they have a good experience.

You can keep multiple rabbits as pets if you want to, and this can actually help the rabbits to be happier than usual. However, there are some things you should know.

Sometimes female rabbits will get annoyed when continuously housed with a male. This is more of a problem when the rabbits haven’t been spayed and neutered.

You also need to know that you must ensure that all of the rabbits have enough space. This keeps all of the rabbits happy and healthy.

Many rabbit enthusiasts say that keeping rabbits in pairs is a must. Rabbits will be happy if kept in pairs and will be less likely to be stressed.

Rabbits are social animals that like being around other rabbits. So housing rabbits together can be great.

You shouldn’t hesitate to get a pair of rabbits if you’re interested. Just make sure to set up the cage properly so both rabbits will have enough space to thrive.

Final Thoughts

Knowing that rabbits can live for quite a long time should make you happy. A pet rabbit could be your companion for up to twelve years if you do an excellent job.

It does take a good bit of work to care for pet rabbits. You need to keep their cages clean while ensuring that they eat a high-quality diet.

Some people might have a hard time keeping up with the needs of a pet rabbit, but it’s not that tough. You just need to be ready to pay attention to the pet.

These pets do well when cared for by proactive owners who pay attention to them. Keep your pet properly fed and clean the cage often to keep the rabbit in good health.

Housing the rabbit with a friend might help it to live longer as well. The rabbit will be less likely to be stressed when it has a friend.

Now you can make your choices about how you wish to approach things. Enjoy your time as a pet rabbit owner and be sure to do your best to care for your new animal friend.

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