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Rabbit Fun Facts 101 Guide

Rabbit Fun Facts 101 Guide

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Have you been considering getting a pet rabbit as of late? Many people love keeping rabbits as pets due to how cute they are.

You might have seen a friend’s pet rabbit and fallen in love with the idea of having your own. This could be a great experience for you, but it’s wise not to rush ahead too fast.

Before you go buy a pet rabbit, it’s smart to learn what you can about them. This will allow you to prepare yourself so you can do a good job caring for them while also understanding what to expect.

Below, you’ll learn the answers to many common questions people have about rabbits. This rabbit facts 101 guide will give you crucial information that will ensure that you have a good understanding of the topic of rabbits.

Once you’ve read everything, you’ll have an easier time moving forward with buying your pet. It should make becoming a new pet rabbit owner that much nicer.

Are Rabbits Easy to Care For?

Rabbits aren’t the easiest pets to care for. If you want to buy a rabbit, it’s important to make sure that you’re ready for the responsibility.

Often, parents will buy these pets for their kids because they’re cute. They don’t realize that caring for rabbits can be a lot of work.

Caring for a rabbit is generally going to be too tough for a child to handle. Some adults might not even want to have the responsibility of owning a pet rabbit.

Rabbits are very lovable and they can be rewarding pets. However, they have specific care needs and you must be sure to meet them if you want the pet to do well in your home.

Can Rabbits Get Hiccups?

It is possible for rabbits to get hiccups sometimes. You won’t always hear a noise when your pet rabbit is experiencing hiccups, though.

Sometimes rabbits will have inaudible hiccups and you won’t even notice that it’s happening. The hiccup noise could also be reminiscent of the sound that a human makes during a hiccup.

The difference is that a rabbit’s hiccup will be substantially quieter. So sometimes the hiccups make noise and sometimes they don’t.

A rabbit can get hiccups due to eating food too fast. The hiccup action occurs due to a muscle spasm in the diaphragm.

Can Rabbits Throw Up?

Rabbits aren’t capable of vomiting like many other animals. They can’t vomit, but they can choke and cough sometimes when they’re eating.

Pet owners might mistake choking and coughing for vomiting sometimes. However, it’s easy enough to tell the difference once you get used to rabbits.

Since rabbits can’t throw up, digestive problems are going to be seriously problematic. A digestive issue could be serious and will put the rabbit in a bad spot.

These little animals are susceptible to respiratory illnesses. You need to be careful to look out for your pet so that it can remain healthy.

Try to keep it from eating too fast and do your best not to expose it to foods that it shouldn’t be eating. This should help to keep the rabbit safe.

Why Do Rabbits Have Red Eyes?

Not all rabbits have red eyes. Many rabbits have different eye colors.

The only rabbits that have red eyes are albino rabbits. These are completely white rabbits that have bodies that lack any color at all.

This lack of color extends to the eyes. The red that you see isn’t the color of the iris.

You’re actually seeing a reflection of the inside of the eye. It’s interesting to know that this is why albino rabbits appear to have red eyes.

Do Rabbits Change Color?

You might be surprised to hear that rabbits can change color. This doesn’t mean that rabbits have chameleon-like abilities, but they will change their appearance a few times per year.

It’s common for rabbits to change color a few times each year. Color changing is something that rabbits do as a way to help them survive.

Rabbits are prey animals and they need ways to blend into the environment. So the rabbit will change colors each season when they molt.

Molting is a process where the rabbit sheds a lot of fur. The fur grows back and it will be a different color than it was before.

The color isn’t always going to be completely different. Sometimes the color changes will be subtle, but the changes can sometimes be more drastic than you would expect.

Why Rabbits Have White Tails

The best theory for why rabbits have white tails comes from evolutionary biologists. It’s thought that rabbits use their white tails to confuse predators.

Predators chase the rabbits and they look at the white tail while giving chase. It’s natural for the predator animal to look at the white tail during this time since it’s bright.

When the rabbit changes directions it’ll be hard to keep the tail in sight. This can potentially help the rabbit to lose the predators and get to safety.

Deer have similar tails that they might use in the same way. Of course, all of this is just a theory, but it’s the best answer that can be given at this time.

Why Rabbits Have Short Tails

The reason why rabbits have short tails has to do with predators as well. Long tails would make it easier for predators to drag rabbits.

Short tails are tough to grip and it can make it tougher for predators to get rabbits out of their hiding spots. It makes sense that a short tail would be more practical than a long one in this situation.

Rabbits have evolved to do their best to escape predators and survive for as long as they can. These prey animals have to be vigilant to avoid being killed by predators.

This is also why rabbits are so alert. They must constantly listen and watch so they can run from predators when necessary.

How Far Can Rabbits Hear?

Rabbits have excellent hearing and they can pick up noises from far away. It’s said that rabbits can hear noises from up to three kilometers away.

They’re good at detecting sounds because they have to listen for predators. Rabbits will listen carefully so that they can hear predators approaching.

These little animals can rotate their ears 270 degrees to better hear sounds coming from various directions. It’s impressive just how good rabbits can hear.

This is also why rabbits get scared so easily when kept as pets. When they hear loud noises or noises that they deem to be dangerous you might see them start thumping or otherwise react.

Why Rabbits Have Long Ears

There are two main reasons why rabbits have long ears. The first has to do with hearing.

You already know that rabbits need to listen for predators. They use their long ears to hear noises from great distances.

These long ears are also utilized for thermoregulation. Rabbits can release heat better due to their large surface area and this allows them to stay cool.

So having long ears is good for more than just hearing. You’ll find that rabbits that live in very hot areas will have even longer ears than usual.

How Good Is a Rabbit’s Sense of Smell?

The sense of smell is very important to rabbits. They have a fantastic sense of smell and can smell twenty times better than a human.

These pets can’t smell as well as dogs, though. Dogs have better smelling capabilities than rabbits by far.

Even so, rabbits can use their good sense of smell to detect other rabbits, look out for predators, and find food. So it’s an important sense for rabbits to have.

Why Is Rabbit Fur So Soft?

Rabbit fur is very soft due to being made up of hair fibers. These hair fibers are known for having very flat surfaces.

Since the surface is so flat there won’t be much friction created. This makes the fur feel very soft to the touch.

Do Rabbits Blink?

The question of whether rabbits blink is more complicated than you might think. You see, rabbits are known to sleep with their eyes open.

They keep their eyes open so they can remain alert. They’re constantly looking out for predators.

Typically, rabbits will only blink their clear third eyelids. This is a nictitating membrane that is used to keep the eye moist.

A rabbit normally only blinks ten times per hour, but you might never see it. Rabbits that blink more often than this are likely experiencing some type of eye irritation.

Can Rabbits Swim?

It is possible for rabbits to swim. Some rabbits seem to be better at swimming than others.

There are rabbits that seem to enjoy swimming as well as those that don’t. Typically, rabbits are only going to swim when they’re in danger in the wild.

How High Can Rabbits Jump?

It shouldn’t shock you to hear that rabbits are very good jumpers overall. A rabbit is capable of jumping up to four feet in the air.

Of course, rabbits won’t always jump this high. Generally, rabbits will only jump four feet into the air when there is a need for them to do so.

Even so, it’s important to know that rabbits are strong jumpers. If you’re caring for a pet rabbit you need to keep its jumping ability in mind.

Fences need to be high enough to prevent the rabbit from jumping over them. Otherwise, the rabbit could escape or get into a room or area that it shouldn’t be in.

Can Rabbits Jump Over Fences?

It is possible for rabbits to jump over fences. Above, you learned that rabbits have the potential to jump four feet in the air.

Fences need to be taller than four feet to keep rabbits from being able to jump over them. Small fences can easily be cleared due to the rabbit’s impressive jumping abilities.

If you’re letting your rabbit stay outside it’s important to build tall fences. You want fences that are five feet tall so the rabbits won’t jump them.

Is a Rabbit a Rodent or a Mammal?

Rabbits are a type of mammal known as Leporidae. They don’t belong to the rodent family.

However, you should know that this question is misleading. Rodents are also mammals.

Rodents are simply a classification of mammals. They belong to the Rodentia order of mammals.

Rabbits are mammals that belong to the Leporidae classification. This is one of two families in the Lagomorpha order of mammals.

What Is Thumping?

Thumping is something that rabbits do by slamming one of their back legs into the ground. They make a “thump” noise when they do this.

Making this noise is something rabbits do when they’re scared or trying to communicate something. They will thump in an effort to inform other rabbits about predators.

It’s a defense mechanism that allows them to react and help other rabbits become alerted to danger. Pet rabbits will sometimes thump as a way to get their owner’s attention as well.

Final Thoughts

Now you know many different important facts about rabbits. Rabbits are great pets, and knowing more about them will help you to appreciate them more.

You will have an easier time caring for rabbits when you understand certain things about them. For example, now you know that they can change color and that they thump as a way to alert other rabbits to danger.

Learning that rabbits can jump high into the air will help you to plan ahead as well. You can make good decisions that will allow you to keep your pet rabbit safe.

Don’t hesitate to buy a pet rabbit if you’re interested. They truly are cute animals that can be a lot of fun to own, but they aren’t pets that you should buy if you’re not ready for some responsibility.

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