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Why Do Ducks Poop So Much?

Why Do Ducks Poop So Much?

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Ducks are so cute that many people have started keeping them as pets. It’s becoming more and more common to see people taking care of ducks in their backyards in certain parts of North America.

If you’re a duck owner, then you probably love how interesting it is to care for these birds. This doesn’t mean that certain aspects of caring for ducks won’t be trying, though.

For example, you’re likely going to notice that ducks seem to poop a lot. You might be shocked to see how much your ducks are pooping and it can actually get kind of overwhelming at times.

Why do ducks poop so much? Is there a good way to get ducks to poop less?

Keep reading to explore this topic further so that you can have a better understanding. It’ll help you to care for your ducks without worrying so much about poop issues.

It’s Normal for Ducks to Poop a Lot

The first thing to know is that pooping a lot is normal for ducks. An average duck is going to be capable of pooping as much as fifteen times per day.

So if you’re worried about whether there is something wrong with your ducks, then the answer is likely no. Ducks eat a lot of food and it’s standard for them to poop a lot.

This doesn’t mean that ducks pooping a lot won’t be problematic in certain ways. Not everyone has a lot of space where they can keep their ducks, and you don’t want the duck pen getting overwhelmed by duck poop.

As gross as this is to think about, it’s something that all duck owners have to learn how to deal with. Ducks have a very fast metabolism, and this means that an adult duck might poop once every thirty minutes or so depending on how much it ate.

Ducks Can Be Rather Messy

As you might already know, ducks can be rather messy. They poop so much that they can make the area that you keep them in very messy if you aren’t proactive.

It’s going to be necessary to clean up duck poop regularly if you want to keep things presentable. Daily cleaning is necessary or else things are going to get nasty rather fast.

You’ll need to commit yourself to cleaning out the duck pen on a daily basis. It’s good to be as thorough as possible when cleaning the duck pen as well.

If you don’t clean the duck pen each day, then the poop is going to build up and it will create problems for the ducks. Things can get unsanitary rather quickly if you aren’t a proactive duck owner.

This is why it’s best not to have pet ducks if you aren’t someone who has the time to take care of them. Caring for ducks is an involved process and you won’t just be able to ignore them for days without consequences.

You Can Try Feeding the Ducks a Bit Less

Some of the excessive pooping issues can be attributed to how much the ducks eat. Many duck owners will fill the duck feeders with more food than is necessary, and this might mean that the ducks are eating a bit more than they should.

In this circumstance, it might make sense to try to tone down the food intake of the ducks. This means stocking the feeders with only enough food so that the ducks can thrive.

You shouldn’t deprive the ducks of food just because you don’t like how much they poop, though. Ducks do need to eat a lot and they’re going to poop a lot no matter what you do.

That being said, it’s worth a shot to try to feed the ducks a more reasonable amount of food. If you need advice about how much food ducks should be eating in a day, then you can always speak to a qualified veterinarian.

This will allow you to make adjustments without having to worry about making mistakes. If you’re already feeding your ducks enough and can’t make any significant changes, then you just need to accept how much ducks poop daily.

What About Indoor Ducks?

Some people keep ducks as indoor pets, but that would be even harder than keeping ducks outdoors in a pen. Ducks are so messy that your house would be a poop-filled hovel if you didn’t know how to handle things the right way.

Many people say that ducks shouldn’t be raised indoors. It’s true that it’s far less practical to keep a duck indoors when you look at it from certain angles, but that’s for you to decide.

You should know that some duck owners have decided to use duck diapers to keep things from getting too messy. This can keep the ducks from pooping all over the place, but it doesn’t solve the problem entirely.

It’s going to be necessary to change the diapers and poop can sometimes fall out of the duck diapers. Yes, this is gross and you’re going to need to clean things up right away.

You’d also have to start putting diapers on a duck when they’re a duckling for them to accept it. An adult duck wouldn’t take to wearing diapers suddenly and it’d fight you on it.

Final Thoughts

Now you know that ducks just seem to poop a lot and it’s normal for them to do so. An adult duck is going to poop a lot in a single day and ducklings also poop a lot.

If you want to raise ducks, then you don’t have to let the excessive pooping issue keep you from doing so. You can still have a great time caring for ducks, but you’re going to need to be proactive about cleaning.

Taking the time to clean the duck pen daily is necessary or else things will get nasty fast. You’re also going to want to ensure that you’re not feeding the ducks more than you’re supposed to so that you aren’t exacerbating the issue by accident.

Keeping a duck indoors will be even more challenging due to all of the poop. Some people have found success due to using duck diapers, but they’re expensive and you’d have to start teaching the duck to wear diapers as a duckling.

With all of this information, it’ll be easier for you to make an informed decision about what you want to do. Is raising ducks right for you or is all of this a bit too much?

Raising ducks has the potential to be very satisfying and they are very cute birds overall. Just be honest about your feelings and whether you have enough time to care for the ducks.

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