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Why Do Flies Like Dog Poop? (Plus Tips to Keep Them Away)

Why Do Flies Like Dog Poop? (Plus Tips to Keep Them Away)

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You probably spend a lot of time taking care of your dogs. Dogs are great pets, but they do require quite a bit of attention.

It’s necessary to take your dogs outside on walks so that they can get exercise. Most pet owners walk their dogs when the dogs need to poop as well.

Sometimes you might not feel like picking up the dog poop and discarding it right away. Perhaps you left the dog poop in the yard for a little bit and you noticed flies buzzing around the stool.

This is pretty gross and it makes you want to stay away from the dog poop even more. Why do flies seem to like dog poop?

Is there something about dog poop that attracts flies? Read on to learn about flies, poop, and ways to keep flies away from dog poop.

Fresh Animal Feces Draws Flies

You should know that flies aren’t specifically attracted to dog feces. Fresh animal feces of any kind will attract flies to the area.

The flies are specifically attracted to the moist organic material because they’re able to use it. Flies feed on decaying matter, and dog poop also happens to be the perfect place for them to put their eggs.

Flies will place eggs in the dog poop and the larvae can survive in the dog poop.

Fly larvae will have all that they need to survive when placed in dog poop. It’s fine to be disgusted by this line of thought, but that is indeed the true reason why flies seem to be so interested in dog poop.

Dog poop isn’t special in any way, though. Animal feces of any kind will interest the flies because they will be able to utilize it to do what they need to do.

Of course, not all flies in the world are attracted to poop. Houseflies are attracted to poop and so are flesh flies.

Other types of flies such as fruit flies have a completely different approach. Regardless, the flies that you’re likely concerned about are houseflies.

Pick the Poop up Right Away and Dispose of it

Picking up Dog Poop

If you’re concerned about flies breeding in your dog’s poop, then you can try to be better about picking the poop up right away. It’s going to be wise to discard it as soon as you can to keep flies from being an issue.

The longer the dog poop stays on the ground, the more likely it’ll be that flies will come around. If you wait too long, then you’ll have flies buzzing around the dog poop to deal with.

Most people will choose to carry plastic baggies around with them while they’re walking their dogs. You can use the plastic bags to pick up the dog poop without having to actually touch it.

Then you can dispose of the dog poop in your outdoor trash can. If the trash can has a secure lid, then it should wind up being safe from flies.

Also see our 4 Tips to Keep your Bin from Smelling Like Dog Poop.

It’s still somewhat nasty to have to pick up dog poop even though you aren’t touching it with your hands. This is why many choose to carry hand sanitizer around with them as well so that they can use it and make themselves feel better.

Bury the Dog Poop

Of course, you could also choose to bury the dog poop if you find that to be a more practical choice. So long as you’re doing this on your own property, it’s going to be possible to use this method to dispose of dog poop.

You’re just going to need to do this quickly so that you won’t have to deal with flies. Take a simple garden shovel and bury the poop in the ground so that the flies can’t get to it.

The dog poop is simply going to decompose underground and it’s actually good for the soil. There’s definitely nothing wrong with doing this, but it might seem like a lot of effort to go to.

Regardless, some people prefer doing this and it’s something that isn’t a bad idea. Just remember to deal with the poop before it is able to attract flies.

Plants That Repel Flies

Marigold Up Close

Have you thought about trying to keep flies from wanting to get near your property? It might be a good idea to look into this if you have problems with lots of flies.

There are plants that flies don’t seem to like, and you could plant some of them around your property. You’re also going to want to ensure that the plants that you go with aren’t harmful to dogs in any way.

Some of the most popular plants to use as a fly repellent option include marigolds, lavender, and basil. You can plant these around the perimeter of your house to keep flies at bay rather nicely.

Try to plant some of these plants in the areas where you walk your dog. This should make it less likely that you’ll encounter flies in the spots where your dog poops.

You’ll have longer to take care of the poop and it won’t be such a problem moving forward. Anyone who likes to take care of plants should be interested in this idea.

Fly Repellent Sprays

There are also fly repellent sprays that some people will use to keep flies from becoming a nuisance. These do indeed work pretty well and they can be helpful when you’re trying not to be bothered by flies on your porch or deck.

Some might even decide to just spray the dog poop with the fly repellent so that the flies will leave it alone. This has worked for many people and you can choose to do it if you want to.

However, you might not find this to be a very practical choice overall. Your dog is going to be pooping quite often, and it’d make more sense to just pick the poop up and throw it away properly.

You’ll save yourself money if you just pick the poop up and ensure that it isn’t sitting around in your yard. It’s up to you to decide what you want to do, though.

Final Thoughts

Flies are attracted to dog poop because it gives them everything that they need to lay their eggs successfully. Many flies will seek out dog poop so that they can lay their eggs, and fly larvae will do well inside of the dog poop.

Adult flies might even choose to eat dog poop sometimes because they feast on decaying organic matter. This is all rather disgusting, but it just drives home the point that you need to pick up dog poop in a timely fashion.

The best thing to do to keep this from becoming an annoyance is to pick up the dog poop right away after your dog has handled its business. You can carry plastic baggies with you and just pick the poop up so that it can be thrown away.

It’ll keep you from having to deal with more flies than normal in your yard. There are other things that you can do to keep flies away that might help you to have more time to pick up the poop, too.

For instance, you could plant certain plants that repel flies such as marigolds or lavender plants. Just take the time to do what you think is best and you won’t have to worry about nasty flies buzzing around your dog’s poop so much in the future.

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