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Why Does My Cat Sleep in the Bathroom? (6 Likely Reasons)

Why Does My Cat Sleep in the Bathroom? (6 Likely Reasons)

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Cats are some of the most loved animals in the world. They’re among the most common pets that people own, and many people consider their cats to be members of their families.

If you love your cat, then you likely want to do your best to ensure that it’s being cared for properly. You might be worried if something seems amiss with your cat.

When your cat starts sleeping in the bathroom, it might cause you to feel concerned. Is there some reason why your cat is choosing to sleep in the bathroom suddenly?

Read on to learn why some cats might gravitate toward the bathroom. It should help you to feel more informed and less worried overall.

1 – Cats Like How Quiet Bathrooms Are

One of the biggest reasons why cats will sometimes sleep in bathrooms has to do with how quiet they are. Bathrooms are among the quietest rooms in people’s households.

It’s easier to get rest when you aren’t being constantly bombarded by noise. Cats are just like humans in that they like things to be quiet when they’re trying to sleep.

A cat will be less likely to be bothered by household noises and even things such as passing cars when it’s in a bathroom. It makes it a very convenient spot for cats to take a nice nap.

The reason why bathrooms are so quiet compared to other rooms in the house has to do with window size. On average, bathrooms have tinier windows than other rooms in the house.

If you’re finding your cat is sleeping in the bathroom pretty often lately, then it probably just wants to nap in a quiet place. There isn’t anything to worry about and the cat just probably finds the bathroom to be an ideal nap spot.

2 – Some Cats Like to Sleep in Sinks

Cat Sleeping in a Bathroom Sink

Another thing to consider is that cats might find sinks to be perfect napping spots. A cat can easily climb on top of a sink and use the basin as a nice little spot for a nap.

Sinks often have curves that are perfect for the way that cats like to sleep. It wouldn’t feel uncomfortable at all for your cat to curl up and take a nap in a sink.

While it might seem a little weird to you, it might seem perfectly normal to your cat. Your cat might also like how the material of the sink feels.

Many sinks are made out of some type of ceramic, and it might feel cool to the touch. If your cat has been napping in the sink, then it probably just really enjoys that spot.

Of course, you might want to discourage your cat from sleeping in the sink. Most people aren’t going to want to have to clean up a bunch of cat hair on the sink regularly.

3 – Bathrooms Are Cool

Bathrooms might be a place where your cat goes to cool down as well. Some cat breeds are going to get pretty hot when the summer days are at their hottest.

If your cat has long fur, then it might be particularly overheated during a hot day. A bathroom area is usually going to be one of the cooler spots in your house.

The cat might decide to nap in the bathroom as a way to cool off and relax. Sometimes dogs will do stuff like this too and it isn’t really too abnormal when you think about it.

Depending on the weather, your cat might just be escaping to the bathroom in an effort to cool off. If you don’t use an air conditioner in your home, then this might be even more likely.

4 – Cats Like the Sound of Water

Cat Playing with Water from Bathroom Faucet

Sometimes you can hear the drips of water coming from faucets in the bathroom. This sound might interest your cat and make it want to hang out in the bathroom.

Cats don’t like getting water on them, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy the sound of running water. Your cat might like hanging out in the bathroom partially because of how often you’re turning the faucet on and off.

Your cat might even like going to the bathroom to try to get a drink from time to time. Cats might try to get a bit of water out of the faucet every so often.

Some cats are even clever enough to understand how to turn the faucet on when they want to get some water. It’s just another reason why your cat might be drawn to the bathroom enough to want to sleep there.

5 – Closed Doors Make Cats Curious

Cats love exploring your house and they want to feel like they have access to every part of your home. If you close bathroom doors often, then cats might want to be in the bathroom even more.

Your cat might try to sneak into the bathroom when you leave it open and will then hang out there exploring. Cats don’t like it when you try to keep things from them, and your cat being drawn to the bathroom might have to do with that.

Of course, your cat isn’t likely napping in the bathroom regularly if you keep your bathroom door closed. It’s just another thing to mention that helps to explain why some cats are so interested in bathroom areas.

6 – Your Bathrooms Smell Like You

If your cat is napping in the bathroom while you’re away from home, then it might miss you. Your bathrooms in your house are going to smell a bit like you on some days.

When cats are in the bathroom, they’ll be able to smell your scent. That might be one of the reasons why cats are drawn to the bathroom as napping spots.

Your scent might even help the cat to feel safe about napping in the bathroom. It makes sense that cats might be drawn to areas that smell like their owners, after all.

One of the reasons above is most likely going to explain why your cat sleeps in the bathroom. It’s more common than you might have realized at first, and it really isn’t anything to worry about in any way unless you just don’t like your cat being in the bathroom.

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