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What Do Rabbits Like to Play With? (7 Great Toys to Give Them)

What Do Rabbits Like to Play With? (7 Great Toys to Give Them)

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Apart from cats and dogs, rabbits are among the most popular pets out there. These little furry balls of cuteness are both affectionate and entertaining. If you have a rabbit and you feel that it’s bored, you may be asking: what do rabbits like to play with?

Rabbits enjoy toys that allow them to engage in instinctive behavior such as chewing and digging. These toys include hanging and wooden chew toys, and digging boxes.

Read on to learn more about the toys you can get for your rabbit.

Rabbit Fact Sheet

Here are some key facts and figures about rabbits:

  • Average adult height: Maximum of 16 inches
  • Average adult weight: 2 to 20 pounds
  • Expected lifespan: 8 to 12 years
  • Grooming requirements: Medium
  • Trainability level: Can learn some routines and vocal cues if trained from a young age
  • Exercise requirements: Time outside of a cage is recommended
  • Suitability for children: Should be handled by children no younger than 6 years old

Do Rabbits Play With Toys?

The answer to this question is a definite yes. Rabbits enjoy toys that allow them to engage in instinctive behavior such as chewing, digging, or tossing things around. Some examples of toys that are great for rabbits are cardboard, balls, and paper-based or hay-based toys.

When it comes to their taste in toys, not all rabbits are the same. A toy that one rabbit can’t get enough of can be one that another rabbit barely touches. This is because each bunny has its unique personality. In turn, there’s no toy you can buy that’s guaranteed to appeal to your rabbit.

That being said, you can improve your chances of buying a toy compatible with your rabbit by considering the way it’s going to use it. As previously mentioned, rabbits will use toys that allow them to chew, dig, and forage.

Therefore, the key consideration when buying a rabbit toy is whether it’ll allow the rabbit to engage in its base instincts.

Another thing to do to make your rabbit less likely to reject the toy you buy is to get several toys and allow your bunny to choose the ones it fancies. Initially, this is going to be an exercise of trial and error. Over time, you’ll start having a better idea of the kind of toys your rabbit prefers.

Why Are Toys Important for Rabbits?

Getting toys for your rabbit isn’t just something to do as a perk, they’re an essential component of your bunny’s overall well-being.

This is because they provide your pet with the mental and physical stimulation it needs to stay happy and healthy. Additionally, buying the right toys for your rabbit allows it to have a way of engaging in instinctive behavior.

Your rabbit will always have urges to chew and dig. If you don’t provide it with an outlet to satisfy those urges, it’s more likely to act out and wreak havoc on your furniture and belongings out of boredom.

Finally, playing with toys gives your rabbit a sense of accomplishment and improved mental health that reduces the chances of it becoming depressed.

What Toys Are Good for Rabbits?

When deciding on the toys to give your rabbit to play with, there’s a variety of great options to choose from.

Here are some of them:

1 – Paper

One thing’s for certain, rabbits love to chew!

One of the best chewing materials for your bunny is paper. Whether it’s paper bags, directories, phone books, or shredded newspapers, paper-based toys can keep your rabbit occupied for hours.

You can also combine feeding time and playtime by wrapping a treat in some paper for your bunny to chew through.

2 – Cardboard Boxes

Since rabbits are prey animals, they have an instinctive need to hide. Therefore, having a cardboard box especially for your bunny is a great idea.

Poke some holes in the box so your rabbit can breathe while inside its cardboard sanctuary. You can also have some hay in there to make your pet feel right at home.

3 – Wooden Chew Toys

Another way to satisfy your rabbit’s never-ending appetite for chewing is to get a wooden chew toy. Such toys have the added benefit of keeping your rabbit’s dental health up to par.

The advantage of wooden chew toys is that they’re more durable than other toys. The downside is that your rabbit can make quite a racket when sinking its teeth into them.

4 – Tunnels

Make every day in your rabbit’s life an adventure by setting up a network of tunnels for it in its play area.

You can either buy plastic tunnels from the pet store or make your own using cardboard boxes or ceramic pipes.

5 – Digging Box

Just like rabbits love chewing, these furry balls of cuteness can’t get enough of digging.

You can help your bunny satisfy this instinct by setting up a digging box. This can be in the form of a litter tray or a sizable plant pot filled with soil. Shredded paper and sand also work just fine as digging material.

Digging boxes will provide your rabbit an alternative to digging into your backyard or houseplant pots.

6 – Hanging Chew Toys

If the idea of a wooden chew toy for your rabbit doesn’t appeal to you, another option to consider is a hanging chew toy.

These toys can provide your bunny with hours of fun without the noise that comes with their wooden alternatives.

7 – Balls

Finally, balls are great toys for rabbits.

You can buy pet-safe toys from the store or make them yourself using non-toxic materials. Either way, your rabbit will love zooming around its play area and rolling the ball around. This’ll give your rabbit both entertainment and physical stimulation.

For your rabbit’s safety, ensure that the ball you give it isn’t so small that it can swallow it. A diameter of three or four inches should suffice.

Can Rabbits Play With Cat and Dog Toys?

We’ve all seen those adorable videos of rabbits playing with other furry pals like cats and dogs. Not only can rabbits be best buds with cats and dogs, but they can also share an affinity for the same kind of toys.

Keep that in mind when shopping for rabbit toys and don’t limit yourself to the rabbit section of the pet supply store.

Cat Toys

As previously mentioned, any toy that allows a rabbit to satisfy its instinctive inclinations is a suitable one. Therefore, rabbits will happily play with cat toys that they can roll and throw around.

However, the cat toys you buy for your rabbit also need to be safe. Some of the materials used for cat toys, such as scratching posts, aren’t designed with rabbits in mind. In turn, if your rabbit enjoys digging its nails into things, then crafting a DIY digging box for it is a better option.

Dog Toys

Rabbits can also play with dog toys, and will happily do so. Most dog toys are tough enough to withstand your rabbit’s teeth. They’re also made of non-toxic materials that aren’t hazardous to your rabbit’s health.

A good example of such toys is a chewing ball or cube. These toys are great for your rabbit’s oral health, will keep it occupied for hours, and will make it less likely to sink its teeth into your possessions.

How Much Does it Cost to Care for a Rabbit?

When compared to other pets, rabbits are relatively low-cost options.

However, they’re still more expensive to own than other small pets such as guinea pigs.

Owning a rabbit is likely to cost you around $85 per month. This figure includes the cost of food, hay, and litter box material.

There’s also the initial cost of buying a cage for your rabbit. We recommend an 8-square-foot cage that includes a play area of around 20 square feet.

Are Rabbits Easy to Care For?

Rabbits are relatively low-maintenance pets when compared to cats or dogs. However, a more representative comparison would be with other small animals, such as guinea pigs.

From that perspective, rabbits require a considerable amount of care and attention. In return, you get a tiny furry pal full of energy, personality, and affection.

Here are some reasons why rabbits can be challenging pets for inexperienced owners:

They Need Constant Companionship

Before you decide to make a rabbit the latest addition to your family, you should know that they’re highly social animals. Therefore, you’ll need to keep them company constantly if you don’t have another rabbit to do so.

In short, leaving your rabbit all alone for hours on end isn’t an option.

They Require Plenty of Exercise

Another thing to consider is that rabbits aren’t content with being kept in a cage all day. You’ll need to take them out and allow them to roam around the house to release their pent-up energy.

The ideal way to physically stimulate your rabbit is to take it outside for walks on a leash.

They Can Be Destructive

When you take your rabbit out of its cage, you need to keep an eye on it. This is because rabbits will chew on virtually anything that crosses their path.

In turn, this is why it’s so important to provide your bunny with toys to chew on so that they don’t sink their teeth into your stuff.

Final Thoughts

Are you wondering: what do rabbits like to play with? The answer is that they’ll play with anything that allows them to chew, dig, and toss things around.

Therefore, chew toys, balls, and digging boxes are all great options.

Grab any of these things for your bunny and watch it have the time of its life!

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